Chapter 16Mature


My stress level was way off the scale after last morning… bumping into Cassie and Alex playing the role of my husband. After I got home from my morning with Alex, I watched TV, and hide in my room because I was just too out of it.

In the morning, I called the school, asking for a leave for a week to deal with my loss. They let me go with pay and I jumped straight into house cleaning. I figured that house cleaning will keep my mind preoccupied and will stop replaying the scene at the tea shop and the taxi ride.

The house is a four bedroom, with two bathrooms, and a kitchen; one story. The nurse took everything with her from her room and at 8:00 AM, the hospital picked up my aunt’s equipment.

The only things that were left in those rooms were the paintings that I’ve bought over the years at art galleries and dust bunnies.

Megan had a bed and other necessities for me at her house so I could donate everything in the house… except the paintings. Those can go into storage.

My fingers touch the walls of my aunt's room and tears flow freely.

“I’m going to miss this place,” I said to the room before walking out and making phone calls to get painters to paint over the old paint. They said that they would come in an hour. Then, I called the real estate lady that sold me the house and she said, way too happily, that she would be by in an hour, too.

So, for an hour, I’ve swapped the rooms, broke several dishes, especially tea cups thanks to the my memories of last night, and started on the lawn in the front yard.

“Amy love-

The backyard was pretty small so it wouldn’t take long. Considering that I got up and been cleaning since 7:00 AM thanks to being a teacher and needing to make that phone call, I got a lot done so it was not like I had too much left to do about 2:00PM when the boys showed up to paint and the lady showed up to look at the house.

I have Mrs. Perry sit down on the stools at the kitchen bar and show the team of 5 men the two rooms that were ready to be painted. I asked them to do the two rooms at once and said that I would pay extra if they would finish by 6:00 PM. Since, the ceiling and the walls would be all white, and the men have a lot of roller brushes, I don’t think it would take too long. I also told them that if they finish the rooms by 4:00 PM, it would be good to paint the guest room, but only if they can move out the dresser and the bed into the living room.

Then, I marched back into the kitchen to see Mrs. Perry checking the windows the kitchen cabinets.

“You certainly kept the house in a good condition and you’re painting the walls again. That will raise the price. When was the last time you changed the heater, flooring? Stuff like that?” Mrs. Perry got straight to business.

For the next hour, we walked around the house and I was recommended to change the floors in the hallway, which I declined because that would be mean that I would never leave this place.

After that, she told me that she will get the paperwork going, put the house on the market. She was also very happy to hear that I will not living there when people will start visiting. Apparently, it’s better to sell the house without the occupants.

Then, I checked on the boys and decided to call Goodwill to pick up the beds and the dressers. Emptying them should be fast while I wait for them to get them. They were happy to come and get the stuff. Then, I graded papers, waiting for the men to finish painting. They finished a little after 6:00 PM, I still gave them their tip because they did all four rooms, locked up the house, and texted Alex, my address. He replied almost instantly.

I wait outside in my red silk skirt, black shirt, and small high heels.

My fingers find his text on my phone and I re-read the last line:

Do not stress, worry, fret, and most importantly let me down tonight.



“What’s going to happen?” I asked the wind.


The End

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