Chapter 14Mature


The strong wind kept hitting my face and my hair kept flying everywhere. I pulled in the jacket around my neck and quickly looked at Alex, who stood like a statue, just watching the waves hitting the shore.

There were no right words for me to say.

Megan didn’t come with me because her mother called to help with some things and Megan was a good daughter.

When I got to the shoreline, I saw Alex watching the waves. My blowing hair hide my blushing face as I was surprised and happy at the same time.

He turned around, smiled comfortingly, and looked at the urn.

Now, the two of us are here, at this lonely beach. Just us and the high waters and the ashes my aunt.

I couldn’t help but steal glances at his frame. Strong shoulders, short dark brown hair going crazy because of the wind, and his midnight blue eyes- fitting the silhouette of the ocean before us like a missing puzzle piece.

Guilty, I feel guilty for looking at the man of my dreams when I should be remembering my aunt, living with her, and all the lessons that I learned from her. But, when I think of those memories, his face appears before my eyes and then I have to look at him.

I’ve never dreamed that this man would be interested in spending time with me. I’ve never dreamed of being able to talk with him and be a recipient of his flirtation.

Beauty in red, Amy

I notice him looking at me, and I turn away, getting closer to the ocean. I can’t be thinking about him right now.

Luck. Just my luck.

The urn feels heavy in my hands and it’s like her soul is still here, waiting to be released into the wind. I sigh and with shaking hand open the lid, some of the ashes escape. I lower the urn and spread the ashes over the strong waters. There are no more tears. Though, I was surprised over her passing, I realized right then that I’ve been ready for this moment for years. Sad, but true.

My hands let go of the urn, it falls to the ground, not breaking. I can’t hold on to it anymore. She’s gone. Her soul, her body, her ashes are gone.

I turn around to look at Alex and fix my hair that got in the way of my face. A smile plays on my lips.

“Thank you,” I whispered.


The End

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