My mind couldn’t help but wonder about Amy, throughout the night I listen for my phone to ring but yet her number failed to flash across my screen. My conclusion, for her not even attempting to call just to listen to my answer message, had to be her aunt’s passing. I could sense it before meeting the dear woman, tired aged skin had lost its glow, covering brittle bones and her eyes were falling before they saw someone in the distances who she mistaken me for. Maybe it was meant to be, that I would come and allow this woman one last happy memory and set her at ease for the future of her niece.

I drove into my reserved parking space, many humans were still driving around fighting each other for a space and walking without a care with their luggage. Crystal was on her phone talking with her friend explaining that she will be arriving later today and to line the shots on the bar ready. We left the car, going straight to the main entrance and I watched Crystal as her jaw almost hit the marble floor.

“Wow, I gotta say this is pretty impressive Alex.” Crystal complimented her eyes shooting around the lobby taking everything in and everyone. “Oh please tell me he doesn’t work for you.”

I rolled my eyes, “come on I’ll show you something exclusive.”

“Oh sounds intriguing, lead away,” Crystal wrapped her arm around mine and we left the main lobby finding a private staircase marked ‘staff only’.

The stairs led us down to another reception, where Ralph sat staring at the security cameras, I nodded in greeting and took my card out swiping the door that opened to another set of stairs these ones narrower and lowly lit.

“You always was the mysterious one Alex, I wonder where these lead,” Crystal followed the stairs down.

“Have you not opened your senses?” I asked.

“No that would spoil the surprise!” Crystal said, her excitement evident and I found that odd. Her senses should be alert regardless.

The stairs revealed the hidden part of the hotel, light music echoed off the cave stone walls and aroma of spice with an extra goodness filled the air. The low lighting followed the room round, with rooms closed off to allow privacy and a table of food was lay off to the side. A few vampires were here enjoying the treatments given by my staff, human and vampire alike. Humans offered themselves freely, no one was forced and received good treatment, income and in offering their blood much more. It was true in what humans read, a vampire bite could be an extraordinary experience and lethal depending on the intention.

“I’ve not seen anything like this before, clubs yes, but this chilled but almost seductive at the same time,” Crystal summarised.

I smiled and waved over one the of attendance, “Crystal, this is Matt now he will answer to your every wish.”

“Every wish?”

“Most certainly Ma,” Matt said taking Crystal hand kissing it with a promise in his green eyes.

“I’ll leave you two to it then, come and find me later.” I say and watch them walk away.

“Oh yeah sure thing Alex.” Crystal giggled then they disappeared into the private room.

I checked my phone again once I was back in reception, still nothing but unimportant messages and junk. Should I have Ralph track her down, then I heard the dreaded sound of a high pitched laugh and gritted my teeth scanning the lobby to locate that squealing human.

“Oh my goodness! Why have we never been here before!”

A whistle sound, “I don’t know baby.”


The couple stood right in the way of the main door, causing others to walk around them and not seeming bothered. I hoped for everyone's sake that they didn’t stop long and that it was simply a flying visit to see Amy’s’ make-believe husband’. Cassie was just the superior type who wanting the best of everything and loved nothing more than to gloat at everyone who didn’t meet her high standards.

“Hey is the owner about-

“Cassie,” her husband groaned.

I shared his groan as I heard Cassie talking to Mr. Greeves and then toerag pointed in my direction. Quickly I held my phone to my ear and made a beeline for my office not wanting to draw any attention.

~      ~      ~

Crystal had a glow about her and I didn’t wish to find the details of her afternoon spent with Matt. We were in my car lightly chatting, the traffic slow for a Saturday night down the main streets and finally made it to my private home.

“Thanks for the good times and saving my neck last night.” Crystal got out of my car holding her arms out.

“Anytime, think you could call next time though, give me the heads up?” I asked pulling her in for a hug.

“Now where's the fun in that?” Crystal winks before getting into her car, “did you clean my car?”

“Not personally, but seen as though you helped to bury that chap, it only seemed fair,” I said leaning in.

Crystal shook her head, “time to party, sure you don’t want to tag along?”

I kissed Crystal on her cheek and stepped back. “Watch yourself, Crystal.”

I received a video phone call not long after, which turned out to be a stressful hour dealing with business in London and arranging meetings with local wedding companies alike. Twice a year we held a wedding fair, Veronica was head organising events such as this and always felt the need to run the final agreements through me.

I wrapped the evening to a close, in need of a release and to escape. The night was alive with people and made it easy to grab a bite along the way to the bar. It became too much in one bar filled with humans, thumping sound that I couldn’t call music, women lining up to impress me and the drink was doing nothing to fill the gaps. Sunrise was coming soon, so I left find my solace and found myself by the shoreline.  

The End

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