Chapter 12Mature


Megan invited me to live with her when I woke up.

A couple of years ago, we agreed that when my aunt passes, that I would put the house on the market and move out… to either live with Megan or my boyfriend. Well, I don’t have a boyfriend so Megan would have to do.

I would move out to live in an apartment, but I don’t want to be alone. My aunt has been my family for years, thanks to my stupid parents, who thought to abandon me because I wasn’t a boy. I haven’t talked with them in years, though I helped my aunt call them a couple of times when she got sick.

Megan is upstairs, packing my clothing for me. I don’t have a lot, less than what should be in a closet.

I pick up my cell and dial, Mr. Stephens, my father. After a couple of rings, he picks up.

“Errol,” he said. “How are you feeling?”

I bite my lip. “Mr. Stephens. This is Amy. I have bad news. Aunt Errol passed away last evening on the way to the hospital. She wasn’t in any pain. She smiled before death took her.”

“Amy,” he whispered. “Thank you for the news of my sister’s passing. When is the funeral?”

“There won’t be one. She wanted to be cremated and spread over the ocean waves. I am going to go tomorrow to do that. The hospital promised me the ashes. Also, she donated a couple of healthy organs and was able to save two people last night. She will be remembered,” I replied.

“Thank you,” he said and it sounded like he was going to say something else, but I hung up. I didn’t want to hear anything that he had to say.

I turn around to see Megan on the stairs with two suitcases. “Girl, we seriously need to go shopping. The teaching gig is not good on the woman’s soul when it comes to clothing. We can go next weekend. You need to buy more sexy outfits that do your curves justice.”

“And for whom, may I ask?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“You still got a Cassie problem and a hot hotel owner. I googled him after the last time we talked. The man is a woman’s dream and has a ton of experience. He’s a rich gentleman. No one ever met his family members and for the most part, he’s clean when it comes to news. Though, I bet reporters want a juicy story. If they gain knowledge of him being married, they will hunt you down,” Megan explained.

“He’s not married,” I snapped. “And, I am not going to do anything about that. Cassie can do whatever she wants, we’re not in college anymore and it’s not like she will be able to make my life hell for that lie.”

“You met him in person though. What happened? You had his card in the key bowl, now it’s in your purse.” It was Megan’s turn to cross her arms.

“Both of us were resting after our long work day in the park and we talked. Nothing more,” I lied. I wasn’t going to tell her that we held hands twice or how his heat affected my senses...or how he was going to pick me up last night.

“Right,” she replied, unbelievingly. “You still want to donate all the furniture?”

“Yes,” I replied. “My tax refund will thank me.”

We laugh.

“Well, we can start cleaning up and getting a truck to transport over the week if you want? Good thing that there’s not a lot,” Megan said, looking around.

“Yeah, well,” I said slowly. “I got rid off a lot five years ago already because of my aunt’s sickness. There’s no point with having a lot of things when you can’t use it.”

“You kept a lot of paintings though,” Megan reminded me.

“Can’t help it.” I laugh. “I love art.”


The End

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