Morning streaks of light came into my bedroom, I lay on my front, my legs tangled with the sheets and something was tickling my arm coming closer. Bracing myself on my arms I turned myself over and saw the blonde curled up to my side.

“Crystal,” I whispered.

                        ~      ~      ~

Her hair appeared white in the moonlight, sharp light blue eyes held mischief as always, polished features, with long legs and clothed in today latest fashion. The blonde bombshell with an extra bite I always thought.

“It’s been too long.” Crystal said walking slowly towards me.

“Not long enough, Crystal,” I fold my arms and look at my watch.

“Somewhere you have to be?”

“What do you want, not like you to stop by.”

Crystal stopped in front of me, “a girl gets lonely Alex.” Her finger ran over my jacket and her eyes tempting me into seduction.

“Have you got a car?” I asked.

“I’m parked close by,” Crystal whispered.

I smiled, “good, now go and get it so we can bury this fella.”

~      ~      ~

I was sat on my sofa when Crystal came tiptoeing through clutching her shoes and stopped sighing when she saw me watching.

Crystal recovered having been caught sneaking out, “so you not going to offer me breakfast in bed?”

“I have chefs and waiters at the hotel for that,” I say and watch her flash her fangs running her tongue.

“Just send one of those over, I don’t mind sharing with you Alex.”

“I don’t snack on the staff Crystal, not good for staff positively and leadership. The only thing on the menu is coffee.” I point to the fresh coffee pot that Crystal walks over to pouring herself a cup and sits next to me gazing over the paper.

“Humans really have too much time on their hands,” Crystal commented.

“Some do,” I reply taking a sip of coffee. “Speaking of, you don’t happen to know a human called Penny Welse, dark hair, medium height, owns the house we met at last night?”

Crystal sat back with her coffee, “not that I can remember. Like I told you last night I was out hunting, came across your scent and ended up getting hunted myself. Thanks by the way.”

“Don’t mention it, are you just passing through?” I asked drinking my coffee enjoying the rich taste.

“Was you not paying attention to me or is there some soil lodged within your ears?” Crystal laughed.

“I washed all the dirt away last night, as you well know,” that stopped her laugh and Crystal grinned.

“Seen as though I’m in the neighbourhood,” Crystal voice was sweet meaning that she was after something. “Could maybe show me your hotel?”

“Only if you promise me one thing.”

I watched her eyebrow rise with temptation, “just one?”

“Don’t leave any bite marks on the guests.”

Crystal gasped monk shock, “Alex how dare you judge me so fast.”

The End

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