Chapter 9Mature


I stared at this woman in wonder and thought for a split second as she waited with huge dark eyes. Stress was showing in her young face, the worry in her voice when she spoke and redness of her eyes.  

“You should attend to your aunt, time with family is precious and you never know how long you've got.” I said thoughtfully.

“Oh… No I didn't sorry… I shouldn't have-

Amy turned away backing away but I grabbed her hand. “You never let me finish.” I say her face torn with emotions.


“Go and see to your aunt, make sure she is aware of what's happening and settle her in at the hospital. Then come home, take a shower, de-stress yourself, and I'll pick you up later.”

“Alex, you don't have take pity on me,” Amy whispered.

I smiled, trying to show that I didn't pity her in anyway. “It's a night off,” I said releasing her hand, feeling her warmth and turn, going towards the door.

“I’ll left my card in the key dish, let me know when you’re home.” I open the door and turn back to face her. “Until tonight.”

Ralph left me a miss call explaining the details of the woman, I watched as the ambulance crew came and transported Amy’s aunt to the hospital. I knew Amy wouldn’t believe that my offer was genuine. After the hardship that she had gone through and the lie that she told her head was certainly in a spin.

I left the street, going on foot, to locate the woman- whose real name was Penny Welse, living in a fairly normal neighbourhood and worked full-time in a clothes shop. The street was quiet for a Friday evening, the twilight sky setting in nicely and steady heartbeat of Penny could be heard as I stood in her yard, hidden.

I could see her in her bedroom, fresh from having a shower, going in and out of her closet. I wonder where Penny was going this evening and with whom was she meeting? Judging from the work of choosing an outfit, layers of make-up and burning her hair straight and almost toxic perfume. This woman was meeting a man. Her steady heartbeat was starting to pick up as with nerves after looking at her phone. 10 minutes later a car pulled in her driveway, causing Penny to flap, grabbing objects for her bag and adding another coat of lipstick.

I made my way to the side of the house, hearing the ‘clicks’ of her thin heel shoes and saw Penny calmly leave the house. The male seemed nervous too and when he saw Penny, his intake of breath was visible, he got out greeting Penny and being a gentleman opened the car door.

The two of them left shortly, I couldn't help the small smile and felt confused slightly. Something more was going on in here. Penny didn't seem like the hit and run kind of woman. It was then as I pondered I heard the shot of air and I turned grasping the wooden stake.

“This shirt was expensive.” I said, mildly annoyed and threw the stake at the feet that stood across the yard hidden in the same spot that I had.

“You’ll be dead on the ground to care next time,” the male voice grunted.

I rolled my eyes hearing the male reload and quickly moved in front of him grabbing the gun of his surprised features. “How rude,” I reached out grabbing the man’s neck and lifted him only the tips of his toes touched the ground. “Who sent you old chap?”

“Go to hell.” He gasped glaring as he struggled.

“I believe the saying is, done there, done that and got the t-shirt.” I said casually.

“You bas- Ahh!”

“Langauge,” I say after lifting and squeezing tightly on his windpipe. “Last chance mate.” With his racing plus under my fingers my need for his blood grew within.


I felt them arrive behind me and saw the torment in this man eyes.

“Oh Alex, must you play with your food?”

I dropped the man to his feet, giving him a moment before I snapped his neck. “What are you doing back here?”

The End

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