Chapter 8Mature


His words tickled my senses and made me recap in my mind of what happened with Cassie. Also, a question rose at the back of my mind of what he was doing here in the park because usually he’s in meetings during this time.

“I-” I started but was interrupted by a bell, signaling a text message came in.

Amy, come home ASAP. Your aunt is having a really bad day.

My hand starts shaking. “Umm, I’m sorry, but I really need to go.”

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked, now sounding concerned.

“My aunt is sick and I really need to get home,” I said, getting up.

“I’ll get us a cab,” he replied and took my hand, walking fast towards the street where one can catch a cab.

My mind became like a river, too many racing thoughts and the feel of my hand in his, somehow made me more aware of him than ever.

I couldn’t believe this. Meeting Alex on this bench after my stupid lie is like a higher power is going to strike me with a lightning bolt next. What’s worse is that he’s getting us a cab.

“That’s okay, I can go alone. You need to get back to your hotel.” I stuttered and heard him whistle for a cab.

“My meeting is cancelled,” Alex replied, leaving no room to argue.

Considering my fear of my aunt reaching her death bed, I decided not to argue.

Seconds later, a cab pulled in and we slide in the back. I gave the taxi my address and texted the nurse that I was on the way. I looked at my hands the entire time, feeling my heart racing. I didn’t dare to look at what Alex was doing, but I heard swift sounds of him texting.

Ten minutes flew by fast. I paid the taxi driver and ran towards the house with Alex close behind.

“What’s wrong?” I asked the nurse and looked at my aunt who had a wet towel on her forehead.

“She’s delusional from the pain,” the nurse said and I saw her raise her eyebrow questionably at Alex. “I’m sorry to have ruined your first date in a while, but she called for you.”

I glare at her and sit down next to my aunt. “Aunty, I’m here. Amy is here. How are you feeling?”

“Pain. Pain everywhere,” she whispered.

I bite my lip. She really does look bad.

She turns her gaze towards Alex and gasps. “James? James is that you?”

I turn as well and plead with my eyes for him to play along.

He nods and smiles. “Yes, it is nice to see you again.”

“James!” She exclaimed. “How’s your mother? You remember playing with Amy in the backyard while your mom and I talked about adult things. She told me that you joined the army. I didn’t know that you returned. I’m glad you did. Amy will need someone once I’m gone.”

“Yes. Our childhood was enjoyable. My mother is in New York at the moment, shopping. I don’t believe that you’re ready to leave yet,” Alex said soothingly.

My aunt laughs and then cackles. “James, you rascal. Playing with an old lady's heart is not good. I can sense my time drawing near and I want it to. The pain is too much to bear. I only stuck around this long, waiting for you to come back and take Amy under you wing. Promise me that you will take care of her? Promise me that you will look after her and help her with any way you can?”

My heart sped up. If only Alex didn’t come. He would not had to deal with my aunt’s delusion of him being James and he wouldn’t had to promise something this big. I will thank him after we leave her room and will apologize.

“I will,” Alex replied softly.

“Thank you, now off with your date,” my aunt said. “I heard what my nurse said. My sickness interrupted your good time and at a time when you two are falling in love.”

“Aunt!” I exclaimed and then shook my head. “Rest well, auntie. I will check on you later.” I kiss her cheek and follow the nurse and Alex out of the room.

When the door closes behind me, I bow to Alex and roll my fingers into fists.

“I am so sorry for the behavior my nurse and aunt! I am so sorry you had to witness that! I appreciate you playing along. It made her really happy. I… I…” I raise my head to see surprise to be quickly replaced by poker face.

“You don't have to apologise to me,” replied Alex.

“Amy,” the nurse interrupted. “I believe we need to transfer your aunt to the hospital. She’s reaches the stage where she needs more than what we can provide for her here.”

I grip my shirt and want to cry, but I refuse because of Alex. “Tomorrow, tomorrow we will transfer her. Let her sleep here tonight.”

“I’ll make the call,” the nurse replied and left.

After she leaves, I feel worse, standing here trying not to look at Alex.

“Want some tea? As a thank you?” I asked.

The End

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