Chapter 7Mature


It was always the quiet ones that surprised you the most. I was sat in the sandwich bar window, browsing through the local paper and tuning directly into Amy’s conversation with her friend. As I carried on listening in, to pickle that Amy had landed herself in. Her friend Megan seemed calm giving her opinion when she was given chance however, one her of suggestions made my eyebrow rise and cough on my cheap coffee. 

“Make him fall in love you with you.”

I mustn't of heard right. The conversation ran through my mind again just to be sure and found that I was. Amy’s answer came as an outburst of self denial, hardship that she had gone though and the typical human thoughts of ‘why would a guy like that like me’? Clearly, this woman had never experienced the company of a good man, who treated her like a queen. 
Cassie sounded like a tyrant and I wondered for a moment if Amy envied her. The phone call ended, I watched as Amy slumped against the wall and looked up to the sky as if wishing the ground would swallow her whole. 

Time to make myself known to this delightful creature. Amy had started to walk away though looking back every so often but seeing nothing but normal humans going about their Friday evening. Most human held joy as now they had two days free from the 9-5 routine. I followed Amy to the park wondering why she was taking this path, I kept her in my sights through my sunglasses and dodged the dog walkers as they pulled in their leashes. Amy chose to sit on a bench near the lake and now seemed the right moment to pounce as it were. 
Without making a sound, I sat on the furthest part of the bench watching her enjoy her moment of calm before the storm and the steady rise and fall of her chest. 

“Pardon me, love, do you happen to have the time?” I asked wanting to keep my opening simple. Quick as a flash her posture changed from relaxed, casual crossed legged and leaning her head in her hand, to straight back, uncrossed closed legs and fidgety arms. It was fairly amusing to say the least. 

“ Sorry you caught me unawares,” Amy stuttered. 

It was becoming a bad habit of hers. “Thank you,” I say and look at her for effect before saying. “You remind me of someone, do you come to Antico hotel at all, your face looks familiar and I never forget a pretty face.” It was a cheesy sentence I knew but I saw the blush appear of her cheeks. 

“I have. A few times now...we actually met yesterday but you probably don't remember.” Embarrassed Amy looked down to her lap where her fingers were laced together.

“Beauty in red, Amy,” I said clearly surprising her by the gasp for her mouth and now her cheeks were flammed. “Fancy meeting you here.”

The End

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