Chapter 6Mature


The air hit my burning cheeks when I exited the nail salon. I looked at the tall hotel and decided not to go in today at all.

I turn around, thinking that I felt him, but other than chatty passerbyers, I don’t see him. Good. I start walking away from the nail salon and the hotel towards a line of taxi cabs, but decide to lean against a wall, a couple of streets away.

“What have I done?” I asked myself.

My phone chose to ring right then.

“Hi, Megan,” I said into the phone.

“I hate my students! One of them grabbed my ass and I had to send him to the principal's office for sexual harassment! That happened in the last period of the day and I didn’t find you after your class to tell you,” Megan complained.

“Megan, I’ve done something stupid,” I whispered.

“What?” She asked.

“Remember Cassie?” I asked.

“Yes, that tramp from college. Boy, could she talk,” Megan said.

“Well, I saw her at the nail salon and she talked for forty minutes about her husband, sex, trips, clothes. It drove me nuts,” I said.

“And? You should be used to that by now,” Megan said.

“Well, I kind of had a mental breakdown because I received a call from a carpet guy and I… I well I pretended he’s Alex from Antico Hotel and then I told her that I’m married to him,” I quickly said the last part.

“What?” Megan asked, stupidly.

“I… well the, I…” I tried to explain myself. “I don’t know what happened. But, I think that if he finds out, I’m dead or worse...forbidden to visit his hotel!”

“Relax. How is he going to find out? It’s a small lie,” Megan said, unconvinced.

“Aha! You know how Cassie is. She’s probably going to hunt down Alex and confront him at his hotel and he will like -Who’s Amy? What are you talking about?” I said, hysterically.

“Okay, then you got only one choice,” she said.

“And, what’s that?” I asked.

“Make him fall in love you with you,” Megan said.

I dropped the phone right then and quickly picked it up.

“You’re nuts! How can I make a man like him fall in love with a girl like me? I haven’t dated since college, since my aunt got sick! I’ve taken care of her for five years now! At thirty I should feel alive and I feel like I’m fifty! Day dreaming is the only thing that keeps me going. You think that I wanted to become a teacher? I became a teacher when I realized that I need a steady job where I can’t get fired and went for a teaching credential. If my aunt didn’t have social security checks, I would be in hell financially right now!” I yelled.

“Right,” Megan said. “Sore subject.”

“I’m so screwed,” I said, feeling shame, anger, and felt like jumping in front of a cab.

“Amy, don’t fret. See how it plays out. You may just get lucky and Cassie forgets all about you. Bye now,” Megan said and hanged up.

I put away my phone.

“I wish,” I said.

The End

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