Chapter 5Mature


A light groan came from my lips, as Nadine knowing, skillful fingers glided down my bare back. They pressed firmly going back up and rubbing the heel of her hand into my shoulder blades.

“Is that hitting the spot?” Nadine’s gentle voice asked.

“Yes,” I said yet, I only wished that I came first thing this morning to avoid the constant chatter of the ladies below. My theory was that women, could take in more air than men to be able to keep  talking for so long. It was staggering to believe that they didn’t give themselves jaw ache. But, the worse came a few moments later, Nadine had finished and left me to relax, letting the lotions do their magic and I managed to drown everyone out until, the highest over the top sound could be heard.

The woman boosted everything with clear detail about the man she met, shaged and married within a month. Who said romance was dead? My relaxing time was over now, thanks to mouth almighty and I got dressed when I heard a familiar voice.

“Hunny! I am so happy that you’ve remembered that I had my nail appointment. Yes, I chose devils delight for the color. Looks amazing.”

Now where had I heard that voice before? I made my way down the stairs, stopping when I saw the two women sitting at the nail station. I saw the red colour of her nails, pale pink skin and red wavy hair.


Yes I remembered now, her voice stumbling when she spoke to me and those dark chocolate eyes looking startled by my presence. Well lucky man who had her under his arm, I thought as she told the friend of their marriage, although something seemed amiss and carried on down the stairs.

Nadine gave me a surprise look but took me over to pay, I passed the ladies hearing the name Alex and almost snapped my neck back around hearing the next sentence coming from Amy’s sweet full mouth.

“He’s a hotel owner and I don’t wear my ring when I go out to do my nails.”

What the hell was this woman talking about?

I paid Nadine, giving her an extra tip for not having the full service and casted a quick look over to the ladies, seeing Amy stand and picking up her bag. I left the salon deciding to track Amy. Could she really mean me? I waited further down the street to investigate.

The End

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