Chapter 4Mature


For the first time in two weeks, I did not visit the cafe at the hotel and stalked Alex. Instead, I walked over to the nail salon across the hotel and ordered myself a manicure. The girl started on my nails and talking, a lot of talking… too much talking.

Ten minutes into it, my nemesis from college, hikes up in her black high heels and ends up sitting right next to me.

“Ah! Amy! Small world! How you been?” Cassie asked, her voice high-pitched.

Forcing a smile, I say, “Good, good.”

“I got so much to tell you!” She giggles. “Red, don’t mess it up,” she said sternly at the girl. “I got married last year to the best man in the world!”

“Wow! Congrats! No more dating college guys then.” I fake giggle and watch her fall for it.

“Those are boys, my man is a real man,” she said cheekily. “Anyway, we met on a cruise! He asked me to dance during dinner and we had sex that same night. I always told you that before you choose your mate, you need to test him bed. And, my god, he was amazing! He knew positions that I always wanted to try, but never did. Anyway, a month later, we got married!”

“A real love story,” I told her.

She continued, “Yes! And the best part is that we go out to dinner every night to a different restaurant. I only work on editing books when I want, and I get to travel to Paris. That’s where I got my haircut. My short blonde hair looks better than long hair. Have you ever thought of cutting your hair? Well, Paris is where things happen!”

“I like my red hair long,” I snapped and then smiled. “So you’re a book editor? Cool.”

For the next thirty minutes, I listen to her go on and on. The girl doing my nails even stopped talking because Cassie was too loud, not just too talkative. After my nails dried, my phone sounded and I picked up, thanking a spiritual entity for the save.

“Hello?” I asked.

“You’re a winner of a blue carpet,” the voice sounded.

I eye Cassie and a plan forms.

“Hunny! I am so happy that you’ve remembered that I had my nail appointment. Yes, I chose devils delight for the color. Looks amazing,” I said happily.

“Excuse me?” The voice asked.

“Yes, I’ll meet you for dinner, but I was just about to buy groceries to cook for you. You sure?” I asked.

“Lady, you’re nuts,” the voice said and hung up.

“See you at eight, love you, sexy,” I said and hung up.

“Who was that?” Cassie asked.

“Why? My husband, of course. Alex had a long day and wants to eat out tonight,” I told her with a smile.

“What does your Alex do?” Cassie asked. It is obvious that she didn’t want to believe it. “And, where’s your ring?”

“He’s a hotel owner and I don’t wear my ring when I go out to do my nails. It’s precious after all,” I said cheekily. “I have to go, now Cassie. Hugs and kisses.”

I pay the girl and leave.

The End

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