My clothing was nearly dry as I entered my hotel Antico, I was drew instantly to the welcome desk in the lobby, hearing Brandon, my head of front of house outraged voice.

 “He’s not going to be happy.” Brandon shook his head holding a hotel bill in his chubby hand. “Fraser should have known better.”

I strolled over and glanced over to the cafe that I added on last year. She was there again, huddled over books and paperwork, her red hair coming loose in her bun and her usual cup of coffee nestled in her hands as she read. 

“I don’t know how this happened Mr. Greeves,” Lucinda my desk clark said and her blue eyes sparkled seeing me appear before she glanced back down to the computer.“What appears to be the problem?” I asked already having an inkling.Brandon jumped, not hearing my silent footsteps, even though everybody's shoes squeaked on the marble floor from the rain.

“Good evening sir, we appear a guest has left without paying their bill and when we checked the details given we found that they do not match.”

I rolled my eyes repressing the sigh that was forming, “let’s handle this in my office away from the public eye, Mr. Greeves.”

"Very well sir, you are right afterall.” 

Yes I am you pompous twit so stop licking my shoes and move your arse up those stairs. Taking another look to see if she was still here, I saw that Manya was busy pestering the poor woman and thought I’d help. 

“Manya,” I said gliding into the cafe coming close to the woman’s table. “Table six has been trying to grab your attention.”Manya face turned red, “Right! Sorry! I’ll see you later, Amy.” 

Finally I could put a name to the face.
                                                                         ~      ~      ~
“You useless fool, the woman was playing you right from the start and you was too blind to see it.” I snapped at Fraser whose heart rate was going up. 

"But, sir I didn’t see her leave,” he repeated. “That’s because she sent you on a boy’s errand and you fell for it, hook line and sinker.” I held the unpaid bill in my hand gritting my teeth. “Did she give her name at reception?”

“Yes sir, but possibly a fake identity and Lucinda doesn’t understand as she saw the woman's bank card in her purse.” Fraser paused, remembering the exchange that must have taken place. “Silver yes the platinum American express card,I believe she told me that.”

I leant back in my hand moving my now clean fingers together, thinking. The woman’s bill was high, it wasn’t that the money mattered, but the principle of the matter and the fact that my staff didn’t recognise a scam. Time was ticking on and the woman would already be too far away now. 

“The cameras will have her, get Raph on the job, tell him to send me the footage.” I can track the woman down myself then and see what she had to say on the matter. 

“The cops will need to take statements and want footage also, sir,” Fraser said.They won’t be receiving anything. “I’ll see what Raph uncovers, now leave.” “Very well sir, goodnight.” Fraser left with his heart rate going back to normal with every step that he took to get anyway from my office. 

I stood up from my chair flexing my shoulders and gazing out window when my phone beeped with an incoming text message. With one swipe I saw that Marie had gotten the woman to safety and the street was now spotless. It still amused me when she used emoji’s within the text, I was not a fan of using such images and sent a simple ‘ok’ in return. 

I began work on the growing papers on my desk, my fingers flying over the keys on my Apple Mac computer, multiple files open on the huge screen and light music playing in the background. 

Finally, I was done logging everything off and packing up my case to take home. Most of my staff had already gone home hours ago, back to their families and regular life. I nodded to Edward the elderly human who worked on the door and kept everything ticking over in reception. I’m sure he was due for retirement, but Edward had already told me, he wished to stay until his legs no longer stood and I held the human highly for this. Edward was a good worker and taught the younger men how to achieve the highest tips. 

“Safe drive home sir and goodnight,” Edward said respectively.“Same to you Edward.” I left then walking alone to the side door which led to the underground car park.

The End

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