Private collob between Fitzy & GardeniasCastle.
Amy, a thirty year old high school math teacher tells a huge lie to her college nemesis about being married to hotel owner Alex. Alex has a lie of his own (the fang kind) and decides help Amy but what will he want in return?


The chilling scream came to my attention before the smell of her blood drifted up my sensitive nose. I dropped down from the building landing on the dumpster and grimed seeing the human bodily fluids that I missed. Humans could be the foulest of creatures, but I didn’t have time to ponder and follow the weeping noise that could be heard through the descending rainfall. As I approached, the scene was already playing out in my mind. I breathed in deeply picking up three scents and stood assessing what I already knew to be happening.

I smiled, making my move, as the blonde male raised his arm to strike the woman again only to have their arm pulled backwards, breaking the bone. A screaming of a different kind was suddenly heard in the alley now and the other man’s face paled as he looked at his companion’s crippled expression.

“Good evening gentlemen, who would like to die first?” 

The woman lay unconscious, her breathing steady, bruises forming and blood was dry on her skin. My blood stained hand went to her side feeling the dip of where her ribs were dislodged. I took my phone from my pocket and scrolled through until I saw the number that I needed.

“Hello my lovely and what I can do for you?” The voice purred down the line. “I’m in a situation,” I started and heard the light laughter. 

“You always are my dear, tell me where you are.”

"25th Wallbridge, side alley of rundown shops and it isn’t pretty,” I said, taking in the bloody scene that the rain was washing away.

“Darling, I’ve been around for over 200 years and wouldn’t expect anything less from you.” How true her words were and I ended the phone call. 

I saw then the emails piling up as well as other messages that needed my attention and I leant against the wall, answering quickly, noting the lowering battery symbol. Murmuring sounds came from the woman, but she was fine or would be fine eventually. 
I could feel her arrive before I lifted my head from my phone, hear the heel of her shoe stop and hear intake of breath.

“My my, you have been busy.” Her pink painted nail tapped onto my phone, “being attentive I see.”

I grasped the pink fingered hand, bringing it to my lips, “I know how to be attentive.”
“Alex, there's an unconscious woman on the ground.” 

“That's not first for us Marie,” I said and look over at the woman. “Is your car near?”

“Just around the block.” Marie gave me a knowing smile as I dropped her hand and crouched near the woman taking her into my arms. “Can you drop me off by the hotel?” 

“I'll take care of her Alex,” Marie said once we were inside of her car. I ran my fingers through my wet hair and turned on the heater. Something fell onto my lap, I looked and saw a blue scarf. 

“It's not to keep you warm.” Marie turned the key and pulled out into the evening traffic. 

The End

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