The LiarsMature

As Mary approached the photograph, a thousand memories returned to her. Here she was in the house of a man, perhaps the most important in the town of Heath. Luke Favarotti. Without a doubt, she knew, one of the most wealthy ones too. Her initial task was simple she thought, make him suffer while at the same time enjoying all of his riches. So far she had succeded, she was already here in his life and  house. "Mary! Mary! Forgive me my dear. If  Bernard (butler) had only told me earlier, I would have arrived more promptly". Luke suddenly kissed her as in desperation of losing her . "Mary, my love, I think  you have waited quite a while for this, would you like to become Mrs. Favarotti? Mary will you marry me?"  Mary smiled. "Yes Luke as soon as possible, I can't wait to spend the rest of my days beside you". "Well then, Mary I say let's set the marriage for this saturday". Despite being only monday, Mary still agreed, as she knew it was time to set her plan in motion. She would marry Luke and bear his only child to earn his fortune, to later eliminate him and spend the rest of her days with his business partner, John, her lover and the only man she claimed to love.

The End

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