The Letters He Wrote, Chapter IV

After Molly left - or rather, after Alina forced Molly to leave - Alina sank to the floor and clutched the journal and letters tightly to her chest. A few pain-riddled moments passed before Alina unfolded the first of the letters. It was dated back to several years ago...

My Miriam,

Even as I write this, I know I won't have the strength to send it. You've never written any letters back; I'm afraid to let my heart be rejected once again.

I suppose I could tell you about what's been happening in my life, but you'd be able to guess that. Nothing has changed. If I was a praying man - which I most certainly am not - I would pray for your forgiveness, a gift which I admit I am the least deserving of. Without you, Miriam, I am lost.

I cannot ask God to protect you, as I am sure He would punish anyone I prayed for, but know this: if you ever allowed me to love you again, I would never leave you. I would never, ever leave you.

Always Only Yours,

The letter fluttered from Alina's hands to the floor.

Though she had known Alexander's love for a very short time, Alina found herself yearning for the devotion she had read in Alexander's words. Yes, she had tasted of his heartfelt love, but only for a glimpse of time. What would it be like to be loved so dedicatedly, so possessively, so beautifully by a man such as Alexander? 

"I will see him again," Alina whispered, though her heart still held bitterness for the God Who had once been her everything. "I will see him again!"

One melancholy bird's song shattered the silence, and one lonely tear snaked down Alina's face.

The End

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