The Letters He Wrote, Chapter II

The bell in Summeridge was rarely rung anymore. As Alina made her way to the mercantile to purchase some supplies she'd been needing for her seamstressing, her gaze made its way over to the object of her beloved's crimes.

There was no doubt in Alina's mind that God had been at work in the love between the timid tailor and the broken villain. How else could Alina have fallen in love so deeply and rapidly? Why else would her heart still be bleeding from wounds that had been inflicted a year ago? Why else would just one look at the Summeridge Square bell still cause Alina's soul to ache?

Why else would I still love you as though your death had been yesterday?

As the bell above the mercantile door tinkled softly, Alina found her mind wandering. A year ago...oh, the painful, beautiful things that had transpired a year ago...

"Miss Alina?"

Turning quickly to face the speaker, Alina's heart dropped. Conner. Conner O'Breen. How dare he have the audacity to speak to her?

"I don't understand why you're speaking to me," Alina said quietly, voice trembling with rage she could hardly contain.

The judges had deemed Conner O'Breen not guilty. Why, he had been regarded as a hero for catching such a treacherous criminal! Granted, the whole killing Alexander thing had made the verdict a bit harder to reach, but in the end, he had no penalty to pay.

Only Alina still suffered from the death of that "wretched, worthless brute." Only she mourned the death of that beautiful, precious soul. No one else saw fit to mourn Alexander's death.

Shifting uncomfortably, Conner raised his eyes and tried to meet Alina's, though she kept them well averted. "Miss Alina, I just...Have you been well?"

And you have the nerve to ask me if I'm doing well on the anniversary of the day you killed the love of my life? "I'm surviving," Alina responded curtly, trying to step out of Conner's way. Leave me alone, you murderer! "I'm quite busy." But it was no use. Conner honestly seemed interested in a friendly chat.

"I hope your day has been nice."

"Yes, well, considering that it's been a year since I tasted happiness, I'd say that my day is positively lovely." And with that, Alina turned on her heel and left that O'Breen fool behind her.

The End

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