The Letters He Wrote

You MUST NOT read this story unless you've read both Deathly Secrets AND Alexander's Story - The Prequel! Seriously. Don't do it...

One Year After Alexander's Death

When I'm with you, my deathly secrets don't matter anymore. In another life, I could've had you. In another life, I wouldn't live another day without making you my wife. But not in this life. I want you to move on, Alina. I want you to be happy. I want you to lay me to rest and seek another love. Don't grieve for me!

The words had been emblazoned in Alina's mind, and though a year had passed since her beloved had left this life, his passing still pained her heart in ways she hadn't ever known before. 

"You make me feel beautiful," Alexander had said. They had been his last words before his soul had gone to live with the God he'd accepted in his final moments.

And marked one year since...Oh, Alexander...

Feeling lethargic and depressed, Alina closed her shop, even though it was only eleven o'clock in the morning. Sighing, she set a kettle of water on the stove and waited for it to boil. She hadn't had chamomile tea or crackers since Alexander's passing. It reminded her too much of him, as she'd brought the tea and crackers to him when he was sick.

The water began to boil, but Alina was too lost in thought to even notice. Blocking all sights and sounds that were going on around her, Alina remembered those heartwrenching last moments with the love of her life...the only man she'd ever truly loved...

I want you to find a husband worthier than I have ever been. I want you to have children and be happy and always trust God. I want you to let go of me.

Resting her head in her hands, Alina wept.

The End

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