The Letters

17-year old Calypso Daniels had gone missing for almost 10 years. She disappeared at exactly August 31, 1980.

Yet her case was closed on the 5th year of her disappearance, when they found a body floating in the swamp.

Not even deciding to do tests, they had made a decision that it was probably Calypso because she was the only person that was missing in the small town of Neblesrae.

3 days before her 11th anniversary, her now famous detective best friend, Michael Philips received letters

Michael woke up with a jolt from a terrifying nightmare that he soon forgot as his eyes met the ceiling.

Seeing that he he has woken up, -yet again- in the wee hours of the morning, knowing himself that he would't be able to fall back asleep again. He takes his coat and goes to the balcony to enjoy the wonderful scenery while it lasted, because he had a feeling that hours later he just might be stressing over another case.


Michael Philips, Neblesrae's one and only detective had cases being piled up since Christmas. He was 27 and alone, even with his small frame, birds keep on falling for him but he couldn't risk any of them because of his highly dangerous job and because a woman had already stolen his heart. The only problem was, she died 10 years ago.

No one knows how hard he tries to get over her. Before he graduated he was known for 'sleeping around' and 'great with the ladies' but what got him off was that he always sees Calypso's face wherever he goes; it drives him crazy.


It was exactly three in the morning when he woke up. It had been an hour since he was out in the balcony. He distinctively hears his doorbell ring. Who's that? It's freaking four in the morning and no one know I live here except for the cleaning lady. He carefully approaches the door and stops to get his .45 Caliber.

He slowly opens the door with one hand, and with the free hand he readies his gun. But there was no one! He only saw a small box. Locking the door, he steps out the porch and searches the outside of the house but there was still no one. 

Unlocking the door with his spare key, he brings the box inside. He sees that there was a letter that had a red seal on it, that had the initials C. J. D.. There was also a huge envelope.  

Opening the envelope first, he saw they were pictures. They were fresh. But he didn't understand as to what they were. They were picture of places and sometimes colors, they were grouped, held by a paperclip. There were random numbers written at the back and sometimes words.

To understand more, he proceeds to the letter, opening it carefully with a letter opener. 

Dear Michael,

I've been watching you for years. She's not dead. She's just well-hidden. Those nights you thought you were turning crazy because you kept seeing her along the alleys and sometimes rooftops, it is her. You want to know the truth? Look for all the letters before it's too late. There are clues. You don't know me, but I knew her. If you want my help, swing by Neblesrae's haunted house on the lone hill by the abandoned mill house. Be careful in going there. Don't give yourself attention. Be silent, quick and most of all go there alone. When the sun sets. If you see someone following you, RUN!

The End

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