The Letter That Changed My Life

poppy a 16 year old girl becomes the monster she hates the most.

Sometimes she wished she was a normal girl, with a normal Saturday job. But what poppy is isn’t going to change. She Poppy Ash a sixteen year old vampire hunter.


It was Saturday night, about seven o’clock, just about time for Poppy to go on her rounds.


Jeez not right now, she thought.

“Poppy, my name is Poppy…” you old hag.

“Well Poppet it’s time for tea.” Aunt Margaret said. Poppy had to deal with this garbage all the time. Wait, her aunt knew she never ate supper. Something wasn’t right.  


Poppy opened her bedroom door and stepped into the overheated hall, one look at her aunt told her what was wrong.


Her aunt’s eyes were glowing a fierce red. Her aunt was a newly dead. Why hadn’t Poppy realized that her aunt was a sitting duck? Was she brave enough to kill her own aunty Marge? Well, Poppy thought; if it’s not me then who will? Poppy really had no choice, this wasn’t her aunt anymore. She was going to have nightmares for weeks. Like the last time when she had to kill Juliet… You can do it Pops, don’t think about it just kill. Poppy’s pep talk was interrupted.


“Come on Poppet, its supper time!” Aunt Margaret cooed.

“Well, you know Marge I’m really not hungry, so I’ll skip supper tonight. Maybe you should do the same.” Poppy replied calmly.


Margaret lunged forward, slamming Poppy into the wall. God she was strong but that makes it an even fight, Poppy thought. Marge smashed her fist at Poppy head. Ouch, Poppy thought I’m really going to hurt tomorrow, if I live that long. Poppy pulled at her belt, tugging at the wooden sword that hung there. Make it quick; make it quick Poppy chanted in her head.


“Let me eat you Poppet!”

“Let me think about that, NO!”


Poppy plunged the sword into her aunt’s chest. Marge collapsed on the floor. Job done, she thought, disgust layered her thoughts. She turned away. She couldn’t watch her aunt turn to dust; it would be too much to watch the human Margaret return as her body turned to ash. Ash Poppy thought, fait or what? Definitely, I’ll have nightmares. 


Poppy’s stomach growled must be all this talk of eating each other. She walked off to the kitchen to make herself some pop tarts.


Poppy was having her awaited nightmares. Her aunts glowing, eyes haunting her dreams. Poppy always woke sweating, gasping, terrified.


A week had passed since the accident with Aunt Margaret and she still had no idea what to tell people why her aunt had disappeared. Just then the phone rang. Poppy just about had a heart attack.


“Hello is Margaret Willow there?” June the receptionist asked.

“I’m sorry my aunt passed away earlier this week.” She replied.

“Oh I’m sorry. How was her funeral?” Go for blunt Poppy thought.

“She didn’t have one; she was cremated without the service.”

“Oh I see.”

“Goodbye June.” Poppy said as she was putting the phone down.

Well, Poppy thought she was sort of cremated.


Poppy munched down two pop tarts while packing her school bag. She stepped outside; of course it had to be raining. I hate rain Poppy thought. She trudged through the rain off to school.

Thwack! Poppy had walked right into a lamp post.

“Ouch!” Poppy held her head in her hands; she had been so busy doing her math homework instead of were she was walking. She let go of her head, just as she did this she realized that she had dropped her math book into a puddle.

“Is there even a point?” She muttered to herself.

“Oh I think there is. You wouldn’t want all that hard work to go to waste.” Poppy spun round to face a handsome, young man. He looked about eighteen, nineteen maybe? 


“Who are you?” poppy asked stupidly.                      

“I’m Cole Ash, who are you?” Ash, Ash he can’t be, poppy thought.

“Why should I tell you!” she retorted.

“You asked me, and I told.” Cole said.

“Fine, I’m Poppy Ash. We share the same last name Cole.” She laughed without humor.

“Poppy Opal Ash.”

“Hey, how do you know my middle name?” what was he some freakish stalker?

“Poppy I think we share more than our last names.” Poppy didn’t understand.

Cole continued “Poppy you’re my sister!” what? Poppy’s thoughts were incoherent.

“I found you at last!” suddenly Poppy was in his arms. He was hugging her!

“Wait I don’t know you!” Poppy said.

“Yes you do! Look inside your heart, remember me.” He breathed into her ear. Poppy remembered now. Playing with an older boy, he identical midnight hair, and glowing ocean, blue eyes. Being hugged, being comforted, all by the same boy with the floppy black hair. Then something bad had happened and the boy leaving and her forgetting.

“Have you ever taken that thing off?” Cole motioned to the bracelet on her wrist.

“No, never!” 

“Take it off.” Cole replied, with a fierce edge to his voice.

“My parents gave it to me, I could never.” Just then poppy realized that she was late for school now. She looked down at her mud soaked book, no it doesn’t matter. Poppy turned to go home.

“Poppy! Wait!” Cole shouted. Poppy turned.

“Goodbye Cole. I’ll see you round some time.”

“Take this” Cole handed Poppy a letter. “Read it here.” Poppy stood there and opened the envelope. She pulled out a letter. It read;


Dear Poppy,

                   My beloved Poppy. I am righting this letter to explain, what you have forgotten. Your mother died giving birth to you and I know how selfish this is and how distressing it is for both of you, but I will end my life after I have finished righting this letter. For i can not live in a world were your mother does not exist. You must remember that your mother and I loved you with all our hearts. Once again I admit I am selfish. I will entrust this to your elder brother Cole. He will find you and tell you the true. My darling daughter Poppy. Your bracelet, remove it and you may join our world again.




Poppy couldn’t hold herself together. She was a monster! The very thing that she loathed. Poppy was a vampire and not a just a normal dead one. She was born into the world of blood; she was the most dangerous of monsters out there. This letter had changed her life. Poppy’s eyesight blurred and everything went black!


“Poppy!” someone shouted, maybe Cole.



  Death seemed better than this to Poppy. She had spent all her spare time since the age of thirteen killing monsters. Why now did she have to find out now that she had a monster hiding under her skin, locked in by a bracelet? Of course the kind of monsters Poppy was talking about was vampires.  


This wasn’t fair at all.


Poppy Ash opened her eyes. She was lying on a bed, a very comfy one at that. Poppy almost forgot about how she had gotten here when the door creaked open. Cole walked in. Anger filled Poppy with fiery speed, burning through her.  How she loathed this boy, this boy whom had known her parents, loved her parents, when she knew nothing of them. Except that they had been killed by vampires, which of course was a lie.  


They were very similar Poppy and Cole, the same midnight hair, the same ocean, blue eyes. The only difference was that Cole stood about five inches higher.


“Hey don’t look at me like that!” Cole cooed.

“Don’t look at me then you filthy murderer!” Poppy hissed.

“Come on Pops, you can’t hate me?” “Can you?” a silvery tear trickled down Cole’s cheek, another then another. The realization that his sister hated him was too real. That was it Poppy couldn’t get it. She knew she loved him and she knew that he loved her, but still she hated the monster in him. Actually Poppy knew what it was behind the hate. It was jealousy! She was jealous of her arrogant, vain, playboy brother!


Poppy began to cry. The first time in a long time, she let her sadness pour out. She felt so weak, so vulnerable. Cole’s warm arms rapped around her, holding her still, holding her close to his heart. Poppy felt same there sobbing into her elder brother’s chest. Maybe Poppy was trying to drown away her past. They sat there on the floor for what seemed like hours. Poppy was safe here in these arms.


“You know I could never hate you.”

“I could tell when you started crying that you regretted what you said. The brave and fearless Poppy Ash!” Cole grinned down at his little sister.

“Tell me about them, please.” Poppy asked.

“Sure! We have mother’s hair and eyes and we have father’s features.”  It looked as if that was al Cole was saying on that matter. Poppy pressed it anyway.

“I’m sorry” Poppy said “Cole could you tell me one more thing?”

“That depends on what you want to know.” Cole said wearily.

“Why did I get sent to Aunt Margaret? Why were we separated?” 

“That’s easy Pops. I was older and I was already part of this world, you weren’t and you could forget and be human.” A pained expression crossed Cole’s face.

“I could deal if I was with you! And did you ever think that maybe I could never be human?” Poppy said her voice slightly rose.

“Naw, Poppy being human is better than this.”  

“You just all abandoned me then. You all lied to me! I bet Margaret knew who and what I was!” Poppy shouted.

“How could she poppy? She wasn’t even your aunt.”

“I lied! I hate you!” Poppy screeched and ran out of the room. She tripped in the hall.


Poppy was falling down the stairs and Poppy didn’t care. 


I hope my neck breaks; I hope I die Poppy thought.


“Poppy!” Cole shouted.


Smack! Poppy hit the floor, smashing her head against the floor tiles. Her head felt warm and fuzzy. I’m bleeding Poppy thought. She didn’t mind bleeding to death, it hurt a bit more but it was still dieing. 


“Poppy! Poppy! Can you hear me Pops?” Cole’s voice sounded faraway.





Poppy throat thick with blood, but she managed to find her voice all the same.

“PUT IT BACK ON!” Poppy Screamed.

“Fine, but it won’t have any affect on your mortality. It only works once.” Cole’s voice was slightly smug.


Without that bracelet Poppy now belonged to the world of blood.

The End

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