Alice for the Red Queen

Dear Sir

I write in response to the letter you sent me regarding a reference for my old acquaintance, the Red Queen.

I must admit, I am a little surprised that you contacted me in this regard. I have not visited Wonderland in quite some time. Is there really no one else that knows her better that you could have approached instead?

I was also surprised to learn that the Red Queen is even in the job market. Royalty generally don’t go in for that sort of thing all that much. I can’t really see the Queen being anything other than exactly that; a Queen.

Nonetheless, to answer your question, the Red Queen’s positive attributes include extremely strong leadership skills (even if she does tend to be a little on the harsh side), fast decision making and persistence.

The Queen is your typical, driven, A-type personality. I believe that she would be best suited to a management position that comes with a lot of power over subordinates.

She also has a very impressive set of lungs, although I not sure singing is part of the job description?

The Queen is actually quite well rounded, and has several keen interests out side of work.  She is a reasonable, if slightly inventive, croquet player and an avid gardener.

On that note, The Queen is also a notable perfectionist who exhibits great attention to detail. I still clearly recall when the Queen demonstrated these particular qualities during the whole regrettable red roses business; but I’d really rather not go into that in too much detail if it is all the same to you.

Anyway, I trust that the Queen has resolved her head cutting issues by now? Even so I would still suggest removing all accessible sharp instruments and weapons from her vicinity, just in case. I seem to remember she had quite a temper on her; she is a very passionate person.

I truly wish you all the best of luck for the future.

Yours faithfully



The End

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