The Letter of Recommendation


To whom this may concern:


It is with much trepidation but also great anticipation that I write this letter of recommendation for my archenemy Professor James Moriarty. His intellect, logic, cunning, ability to manage personnel, and never ending determination will surely be of unparalleled use to Scotland Yard.

It has been for quite a long period of time now that I have been in the, ahem, acquaintance of J. Moriarty. Even longer still that I have been aware of his brilliance having been among the myriad to have praised A Treatise on the Binomial Theorem.

Throughout the years, while at odds with his vexing criminal tendencies, I have cherished the relationship that J. Moriarty and myself have cultivated. Who but this world-renowned genius could have possibly been a match for the deductive prowess of yours truly? None. Who but this man could have honed the point of my intellectual epee to its current sharpness? Again none. Who but this man could have provided challenge and adventure so stimulating as to tame my taste for cocaine in any percent solution? Thrice.

Professor James Moriarty would make a distinguished and exemplary candidate for Scotland Yard. He has my full backing and support.Your time has been most appreciated.


Kind Regards,

Inspector Sherlock Holmes

221b Baker Street


Post Script - In the off chance that he slips back into a life of criminal pursuit or is playing some sort of game in having me write this recommendation, it is my belief that at the very least we will have him within arms reach at all times. Win, win. Good day.







The End

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