Independence Day

In Washington, a memorial service was being conducted the commemorate the 4th Anniversary of the Washington Independence Day Bombings. The current President was to drive down to the memorial monument that had been constructed on the ruins of the White House. Armed guards toured the city, wary of another terrorist attack. Sergeant Tom Sidney was one such guard. His orders were to prevent civilians from running out in front of the President's car. Sidney was uneasy. There was something in the air. Several tours in East Africa had given Sergeant Sidney more than just cuts and bruises. Sidney could sense when something bad was about to happen - and his fellow soldiers could too. Corporal Hibbert had walked past Sidney and murmured something about checking the windows in the street's buildings just moments before. After the July 4th bombings, the new American government had declared a second global war on terrorism. There were a number of extremist groups who wouldn't mind trying to make a name for themselves in what would be one of the most-watched events on television. It was expected that four in every five Americans would watch the memorial service and the subsequent speech from President Jackson. If there was ever an opportune time for a terrorist attack, it would be now. The President's car was scheduled to drive past Sidney's section of the crowd at 11:02AM. It was 10:56AM and Sidney could already see the car in the distance.

Agent Paul Harker had been tasked with the overall security for the Washington Memorial Service and he too was aware that this would be an obvious time for a terrorist attack. A significant portion of the United States' obscenely large defense budget went on preventing terrorist attacks and Harker was certain that the security for the service was more than enough. As he had told President Jackson earlier that morning, "Better to over-compensate than to not have enough security."

Harker was in the car ahead of the President's. Harker was stealing a paranoid glance at the buildings on either side of him when something caught his eye. A purple shimmer coming from the clouds. He nudged the driver next to him. "What's that?" He asked.
Sergeant Sidney immediately crouched down when the sky tore open. A huge tear in the sky bleeding aircraft. Dozens of unidentified flying objects. The radio was going crazy. The armed soldiers were unsure whether to open fire or not. They received their answer when a beam of pink plasma hit the car in front of the President's. "Open Fire!" Someone yelled. Sidney didn't need to be told twice.

Harker leapt out of the car just as the plasma hit it. He lay prone on the ground as the car exploded around him. Miraculously, he wasn't hit by any shrapnel. The President had left his car and was being escorted into a nearby building. The beams of plasma were everywhere.

The End

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