Morning Coffee

In the near future, the Earth is suddenly invaded by a superior alien race. With mankind seemingly doomed, the American government is forced to call upon the world's most renowned terrorist - James Caine. The most evil man on Earth is tasked with preventing the alien invasion. He will fight for his own freedom...and the survival of mankind.

On July 4th 2020, the most dangerous man on Earth was drinking coffee and reading a morning newspaper. When he wasn't drinking coffee, James Caine occupied himself by serving a lifetime imprisonment in a maximum security prison some twelve miles from Dallas, Texas. The prison was the most secure in America and Caine had been sent there for a number of reasons. To begin with, James Caine had organised the most destructive act of terrorism in American history exactly four years prior and secondly, there were a large number of citizens who felt that James Caine should have received the death penalty - a mistake they would be quite happy to rectify if given the chance.

James Caine was almost unanimously thought of as the most evil man on Earth. After graduating from Oxford University, Caine served briefly in the British Army before being recruited by MI6. In 2014, James Caine was forced to go into hiding after stealing and subsequently selling British nuclear warheads to several terrorist organisations. Caine was not seen again until 2016 when he and his team detonated five bombs in a synchronised strike on Washington. The White House was almost completely obliterated, killing the President, his family, and almost everyone who worked in the building. The area surrounding the Washington Monument was destroyed with 150 civilians killed. The Jefferson and Lincoln memorials were also destroyed along with a bomb exploding in the US Capitol and the Washington National Cathedral. The actions of Caine and his men brought about the deaths of almost four thousand people and brought America to its knees. James Caine was the most hated man in America. A petition for his execution had amassed over 100,000 signatures. However, despite all of this, within one week circumstances would lead to his release from prison.

The End

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