The Legna Angle

They call us devils. But the angels misunderstand us. We do not create evil, nor do we nurture it. We are merely mixed up creatures, hunted for our unfortunate tendency to prematurely end innocent peoples' lives.

Are there times when you need to make the two 'L's with your hands to remember which way is Left? Perhaps you mix up the word 'angle' with 'angel', or forget the different meanings of 'affect' and 'effect'. And is 'wierd' spelled right? You might miss a step on the stairs or jolt awake in your bed... these are the moments when us Legna are with you.

We aren't evil or mean. Let me compare you to a fish. We are the sharks you sense coming for you, but can't see through the blue haze. Only we're not bigger and we don't have sharp teeth. In fact we don't even have bodies, so it's difficult to give you the proper imagery. You can sense us, but you don't know what we are, and you explain it away with your science and your logic. No one's watching you after you've finished putting Disturbia back in its DVD case. You're just paranoid, but you'll run up those dark stairs a little faster and shut the door a little sooner than you would if say, the last song you heard was the background music in the credits of Maid of Honour.

We don't make you fall down the stairs, or fall off a building. We don't fire the gun or inject the morphine cocktail into your veins. We're fun, I swear. We only want to have fun, and trust me, it's no fun if you go and lie down under an 18-wheeler. Then we have to go and find another human to have fun with. And, to be completely honest... I sort of like you.

Oh! I forgot to mention. My name is Ecila. My two best friends are Rotciv and Drawde. We're all a little mixed up, but that never stopped us from having fun. Would you like to have fun with us?

After all, everything us Legna do is a riot!

The End

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