The Fight

I burst through the doors with my gang in tow. The place got very silent, very fast. The Black Dragon’s leader, Seamus stood, and with an arrogant smile walked toward us.

“I heard since my absence, you have gotten, out of hand.” I stated

“Yeah, your point?” He said smugly. His gang members started to stand up and gravitate toward him.

“I think you need to remember your place.” I stated

“You do, do you? ” He retorted

“Yeah, so why don’t you step outside. We don’t want to mess up this nice tavern do we?” I asked.

“ Yeah, I do actually enjoy this place. It would be a shame to get your filthy blood all over it” He replied with stupid arrogance and started to walk towards us, towards the door. My gang and I turned and swiftly walked onto the street. We turned and faced them. They all looked smug and arrogant. Such idiots. They will all have at least a bruise by the time we are done with them even if it is 8 against 19.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce our newest recruit, Isabel.” Seamus said putting his arm around a nimble looking teen. The teen did not look pleased at the gesture.

“So what?” I asked.

“She is better than even you.” Seamus said oh so proud of himself. The girl smiled mischievously. This is interesting that he would place a girl so highly, especially a new girl.

“Well at least this won't be boring.” I said with a smile. His smug face faltered just a bit.

“GET THEM.” Seamus yelled. They all just started running. I stood my ground and so did my gang. Why waste energy running to meet them if they are just coming to us? I was in front, but most of Black Dragons went around me to meet my waiting team. Isabel though had hung back. She was thinking the same as me, I could see it in her green eyes. She was sizing me up also, as I was sizing her up. I waited. She waited. This is pointless. Seamus came up from behind and tried to punch me. I ducked then as I stood again kicked him in a rather unpleasant spot. The fool fell. How did this guy become the leader again? His confidence, yup his confidence. I looked back to Isabel. She was still watching me with those mischievous green eyes.

“You want to fight or what.” I called over the grunts of those around me.

“Sure.”She shrugged.

We started walking at the same time. We stopped and just looked at each other. How should I beat this girl? Less damage the better, we are not the bad guys. I tried to kick her legs out from under her, but she jumped. Pretty impressive, I am not a slow person. On her way down she tried to kick me, but I dodged. I tried to punch her, but she dodged. We continued in what must have looked like a dance. One trying to hit, the other dodging. Then suddenly she smirked and I was down on the ground. How the heck did that happen? My leg started to hurt. She must have kicked me. I got up, I am not going to let this girl go unscathed. We started to do that dance thing again, only this time I watched her carefully. She was nimble and fast, but she doesn't have as much power as me. If I could just hit her once, I could beat her. I watched waiting for an idea to present itself. I tried to observe my surroundings while avoiding her attempts. There was a small crack in the street. If I could somehow get her to trip...I start making my moves to push her towards it, discreetly. She did not notice my ploy. She tripped and fell just as I planned. I put a foot on her stomach to show that I beat her without doing any really damage.

“I won.” I said

“Oh really?” She questioned as she grabbed my foot and pulled me down with her. I grabbed her hand as I went down so that she couldn't get back up. I landed next to her, and rolled over to get on top of her. I punched her face. I did not miss.

“Do you give up now?” I asked

“Why not? No use getting hurt over something pointless.” She replied,but she did not look defeated. 

I got up, and looked behind me. The whole Black Dragon gang lie on the ground some with blood stains near them, or on their cloths. I turned back and offered a hand to the half way up already Isabel. She didn't take it. I dropped my hand back to my side.

"You're good."She said. I thought I caught some respect in her voice, but I could have been mistaken.

"Yeah, you are too." I replied with respect. I turned my back to her and headed to where my gang stood. 

The End

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