Silver Snake Gang

The next two months all happened so lightning fast. I had to help with small details of the wedding, and attend parties with Prince Ciaran. Despite being with him those couple times, I learned nothing new about him.

The day before I left home for the palace, I decided I have to go say good bye to my gang. In my room I pried up a floor board and pulled out my skull cap, male wig, and middle class male clothing. I sat in front of my mirror and pulled the skull cap on over my hair. Next came the wig, then the cloths. After my transformation into a boy I opened the laundry chute, and slid down. Out the back door and over the fence I went. I got to the side walk and walked with a strong confidence to the park called Hortus Ortus. Once there I went to the area with a couple good climbing trees where the silver snake gang, my gang, hung around. I named it silver snake because silver is a very elegant color while also being the color that most weapon blades are, and the snake part is because it is a animal that is fast, deadly and quite. Rowan (the wild), Ailin (the speculator), and Dymphna (the quick) were all in a tree. Braden (the playful), Niamh (the cunning), Cuan (the reckless), and Toal (the strong) were lounging in the grass.

“Well if it isn’t Conall.” Rowan called from her perch. It is nice to hear that name again. I picked it because it means strong wolf.

“Well, if it isn’t a bunch of lazy renegades.” I retorted with a smirk. All the people in the tree turned to look at me, and when realizing who I was (leader of the gang) the hopped down, in respect. The loungers jumped up, and they all stood at attention.

“So what has been happening since I was last here?” I asked

“You wouldn’t need to ask, if you came here more often.” Rowan spouted, the only one who was brave enough to talk back to me, and the only one I would let. She is my best friend after all. When I first decided to join a gang, to learn street fighting she agreed to come along. She is a noble like me. She doesn’t wear a disguise because she doesn’t care what people think of her, as long as she is true to herself. Me on the other hand could not damage my reputation so I figured the best disguise would be that of a boy. Once I had mastered street fighting she helped me put this gang together to stop all the other gangs from bullying people.

“Toal, report.” I barked.

“ The Black Dragon, and Red Wolf gangs are having a crime spree, probably due from your long absences, and we took care of the Green Snappers while you were gone.” Toal said. The Black Dragons, and the Red Wolves? No surprise, they think they are all that, but then we just kick their butts. I don't really understand how they keep up their arrogance after getting beaten so often. Sometimes they even tried teaming up to take us down, but we may be few in number, but we have the best fighters. Their names fit them perfect though. Black Dragon translates (in my mind) to Evil Pride, and Red Wolf to Bloody Ruthless.

“So who should we take care of today? The Black or the Red?” I questioned with a smile.

“Both” Cuan said with anticipation.

“Who else wants to take care of both these bootlickers in one day?” I asked. All faces smiled a bit wickedly. Except Ailin who is always the doubter.

“Where are they today?” I asked

“The Black Dragons are at Ale’s Tavern celebrating their latest crime, and The Red Wolves are at their forest fortress. I believe.” Rowan said.

“Let’s crash the party first.” I Stated. I started walking in the direction of the Tavern. Rowan ran up beside me, and I heard the others footsteps behind us.

“Are you going to tell them?” Rowan asked.

“Not the whole truth, I am just going to say that family stuff is happening so I can’t come as often. Oh, and by the way I am leaving you in charge.” I answered.

“I still think you should tell them before you leave.” Rowan said. It was completely like her to ignore the fact that I am leaving her in charge.

“I don’t know. It might not be a good idea.” I replied a little sadly.

“After all we have been through don’t you think they deserve at least the truth?” She asked.

“Well, what if they are so upset, and tell people, or spread rumors, or hate me?” I questioned

“ I know you are a pessimist, but still. Brigh, they would follow you to the end of the world, through fire, rain, and hail.” Rowan replied.

“No, they would follow Conall.” I replied

“but you are Conall.” She countered

“Yeah, but that isn’t all that I am and I don’t know if they can handle the truth.” I said, but I was actually starting to think that maybe she was right.

“I think at worst they’ll be mad at the beginning, and then accept it.” She stated.

“I will think about it, ok?” I relented as the tavern came into sight.

“Fine, you ready to kick some butt?” she questioned.

“yeah” I said “Let’s go crash this party.” I yelled to those behind us.

The End

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