The News!!!!

This is a story about a girl who wants to know the truth about her brother's death, and where the truth takes her.

“Brigh, come downstairs to the parlor.” My mom's voice echoed from the intercom on my bedroom wall. I sighed finished the sentence in my book, rolled off my bed, and I left for the parlor. In front of the parlor I straightened my back, and smoothed out the wrinkles in my cloths. I entered with confidence and grace. My mom looked at me, brown eyes gleaming probably from the news she was going to tell me. Father held a letter, and looked pleased. They were both sitting on the dark blue couch. I seated myself on a chair opposite them, which had silver cushions.

“Brigh, we have wonderful news!” Mom started then looked at my father as if to tell him to continue.

“You are to marry Prince Ciaran”. My father said taking mom's signal. My heart soared in excitement. All my effort is paying off! It’s just like I planned.

“Really?” I asked as calmly as possible (which is pretty calm) making sure this is real.

“Yes my child” Father said

“When?” I breathed

“Next week is the engagement announcement. Then in another two months is the wedding.” Mom said with a bright smile. I smile gently like I am supposed to.

“It will be an honor.” I replied

“That will be all.” Father said, but not harshly. I got up and walked out of the room and went all the way back to my bedchamber. I flop onto my bed and stare at the ceiling. I am so close to finding out what happened to Cathair. If I get caught that, well that would be…not good. I wonder what Ciaran’s personality is like. Well the few times I met him he was quite charming, but I feel like that is just a pretense. Like that is not really the true him. I bet palace life is quite dull. I probably will not be able to slip out as often to be with the gang.  I wonder if I will be allowed to see Rowan. Well even if I can’t I must write to her. What if my brother really did die in battle? I will have married for nothing. Well I do not really believe in love, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.  I fell asleep with more pessimistic thoughts. 

The End

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