A dark room. Screams, a women’s screams. My screams. Running, running, far away, over open graves, clawing for a way out. Am I screaming, or is it just the wind as I cut through the stagnant night air? I do not know. I am running, running. Thorns tear into my clothing, my skin, blood flows freely. Each breath escapes my lips as cold vapor, hanging in the air before dissipating, returning to the blackness.

 Running farther into this nightmare, coiling the blackness around myself until it smothers me. I fall over another headstone, cold stone smacks into me, full force, knocking the air out of my frail body. Rolling over onto the unforgiving earth, thrashing, struggling to get back onto my feet.

 My body stiffens, my arms hang limp at my sides. Useless. Laying there, facing the black sky, mausoleums and gravestones fencing me in. I do not know how much time has passed. Seconds, hours, minutes. A light snow begins to fall from the black sky, the flakes glistening like stars, burying my broken body.

They still haven’t found me.

The End

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