“I don’t know what the hell happened! She just turned around and started screaming bloody frickin’ murder!”

“What do you mean? You said she was fine when you examined her.”

“She was. She was completely fine, she got right up with me and we were going to the group session downstairs.”

“What was she doing before you came over?”

“The same thing she does everyday. Looking out the damn window. Every day. This time, she was shaking a bit and she looked paler than usual, so I came over and asked her what was wrong. She seemed fine.”

“Did she say anything?”

“She hasn’t said anything since…”

“Oh, yes. Excuse me. I forgot about her, ah, past.”

“She’ll be coming to soon. Should we keep her in 16? There’s no room anywhere else. That’s the only female ward open for now… unless…”

“You’re not suggesting 9, are you?”

“It’ll be a last resort. Only if the violence returns. We can’t risk another relapse. It’s too dangerous. To herself and everyone else in that ward.”

“ I see. Thank you, doctor.”


The End

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