the legends of the 13th color

"you know that our race has 12 different blood types and the occasional 13th type?" says Miridia, an Alternia guard and indigo blue blooded archer. She was talking to a greenhorn soldier. That soldiers name is Lestec and is a olive green blooded troll. "yes, the hemospectrum and the bright red mutation." He said "so what." "well there is a legend in the army of a troll with a unknown blood color. supposedly he has black blood and can do anything that is specific to a certain blood type." how is that possible!" said Lestec. he didn't believe it. he was always thought there were only 11. Rust, Bronze, Gold, Lime and Olive being the lowest four. Jade, Teal, Cobalt and Indigo the mid region. Purple, Violate and Fuchsia as upper class. "well these are legends so there is a high chance these are not true. But still, these are some great tells." said Maridia. she looked at the clock of the cafeteria the were in. "Shall I tell you one? whe've got time on our side." "yeah sure why not." answered Lestec.

The End

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