The Legends of Pigfarts: The Founding

Once upon a time, there was a young lion cub named Rumbleroar. Now Rumby was no an ordinary lion; he was a magical talking lion who could fly and exist in the vacuum of space. You can imagine how surprised he was when, on his tenth birthday his mother told him that she had always known of his powers. She told him of a school where he could learnt o sue magic properly: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Little Rumby couldn't wait until his eleventh birthday!

A year passed and, while the other young lions on the savannah avoided Rumby, he counted down the days until he would board the magnificent red train at King's Cross Station. Finally, September rolled around and Rumby and his mother flew to London, made their way through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4 and climbed onto the train. There were lots of other students who stared at the lion on their train. Rumby, used to being on his own, found a seat by himself and watched the scenery, so unlike what he was used to, fly by.

This was when things really began to go wrong for little Rumby. First, the school robes he was required to wear were not made for four-legged creatures; the arms and legs were in the wrong places. When he had finally gotten that sorted, the candy trolley didn't have any of the kinds of snacks that he could eat, and then the other kids kept coming to stare at him. He hadn't minded when the other lions had just left him alone, but being constantly watched through the door window was rather tiring. Rumby tried to tell himself that things would be better once he got to school, but he didn't really believe it.

The train stopped at Hogsmeade station and Rumby's troubles continued. He took up an entire boat himself, only furthering his isolation. Even Hagrid was surprised to find that one of the new students was a lion, though if the truth be told, he looked delighted. During his Sorting, the Hat placed him in Hufflepuff, rather embarrassing as a lion was the symbol of Gryffindor. As he hook his place at his House table, he overheard coms studetns saying that perhaps with the addition of a dangerous animal, the other Houses might start to respect them more. And to top it all off, the Feast did not feature any of the foods Rumby liked to eat: raw meat; zebra or gazelle if he could get it.

He soon gots used to people staring and the not-so-quiet comments in the halls between classes. But by the end of first term, Rumby's patience was gone. He went to see Headmaster Dumbledore in the hopes that he would set everything to rights.

And so it came to pass that Rumbleroar left Hogwarts, left his family, left Earth and journeyed to the stars to find a suitable place for his school, which he had decided to call "Pigfarts Academy of Starcraft and Space Magic". The first uninhabited place he reached was Mars, and so he touched down on the surface of the planet and began to build. And thus, Pigfarts was born.

The End

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