Ch 3: The new member

"Ow, watch it Darion," Leth yelled, "That was my foot!"

"Sorry," I muttered.


"I said I was sorry."


   Leth and I were walking through the eastern gate when we saw her. She was a tall, tan woman with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. She looked like the princess from the stories my mother used to read to me. All but the sword she carried in her scabbard. It was a two-handed sword use for more than just wounding. It was obiously forgd by a master. Whe walked toward us and spoke in a voice that sounded as smooth as silk.

 "Hello, my name is Sarah Taldarune. And you are?"

  "Leth Agarale," Leth said with a bow.

  "And I am Darion Goraloke."

  "Well we best be going," she said in a cheerful voice.

        And then we leaped onto the griffin and were off.



The End

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