Ch 2: The ambush

    Leth and I were camping out by a fallen tree when we heard rustling behind us. I unsheathed my sword, ready for a fight when a knife came whizzing at me and I moved just in time to have it graze my shoulder. Then I heard sort of a low-pitched scream and an imp jumped out at me, his blade wielded. I took my blade and cut his chest and he doubled over, screaming.

    "Can't we get a brake for one minute without someone attacking us," Leth screamed as he used a specially made arm brace to shoot one of the imps with a poison dart.

   "Apparently not," I yelled back. Then I felt something stinging in my thigh. I turned around to see an imp biting my leg with so much force that I was bleeding. I struck down with my blade and caught him in the shoulder. He let go of my leg and I struck him again, right in the square of his chest.

   I was head to head with one imp when I got jumped by another one, and another, and another. They tried to tie me up but Leth jumped in and helped me up.

   "Alpha blue," he yelled in our secret code.

   "No, gelten caden," I yelled back.


   I rolled over his back and took his dagger and threw it at an imp. Then threw my sword in the air and took out my vanishing powder. The problem was, I never knew where it would take me, but I threw it anyway and me and leth were gone.


The End

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