Ch 1: The first battle

   Oh no, Leth. Why Leth, I thought, Why not me?!?!?!

    "Here we are," I said,"We're nearly to the doctor." By this time, Leth's arm wasn't looking any better. As soon as we landed, I checked on him.

   "Leth," I said. He made no indication that he heard me,"Leth," I said a little more loudly. He didn't move. "LETH," I screamed, trying to wake him up. He fell off the griffin's back and I grabbed him before he could hit the ground. I set him down on the ground and he lay there like a limp ragdoll.

   I picked him up and started running as fast as I could to the doctor's house. "Help," I yelled as soon as I saw the doctor walk outside. He looked as though he was in his fifties, he had gray hair and thick rimmed glasses.

   "What happened to him," the doctor asked.

   "He was cut by a blade with poison." I replied.

   "It looks as though it was perdero poison, a very rare kind. Good thing I have the right antidote."

  "Yes, good thing."


  In about a week, Leth was feeling fine. "Thank you," I said to the doctor.

   "Oh it was nothing," He replied, "Any time you need help, come to me." 

   Then we embarked back on our mission to talk to the king of Pankoda

The End

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