It's the next day and i'm clearing out the dragon's stalls. I've finished all except one, The Darkness. I call him that because the dragon master hasn't named him yet. I walk in the stall and close the door, the new dragons can get a bit angry so i always close the door just in-case another dragon walks past.

I look at the magnificent beast staring at me with it's giant amber eyes. His head is level with mine, so we're looking in each others eyes. I reach out my hand and gentely placed it on his head. He backs away at first but he is now ok with me touching him.

"Your so beautiful" I say to him, as i drop the last lump of meat on the floor of the stall. "See you tomorrow." I leave the stall and walk to continoue with my chours. Suudenly Max runs up to me and says " The dragon master wants to see you Rani, I don't know why but he wants to see you right now." And i run ofto the dragon masters study.  

The End

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