Rani's trip to the market

I'm heading down to the market for the first time in ages. Max isn't having a very good time in the comptitions this season. He said that i should give myself a break from helping friends and relax myself, so i'm going to spend some money.

I've just arried at the market, which is crammed with busy shoppers. There is every nice smell you can think of lingering in the market. The one that catches my attention is the sweet smell of fruit stuffing balls. Mmmmmm......

But i walk on. I want to buy something for me and darkfire. Look, there's Max at his stall. There are many wonderful items but one thing catches my eye, a fluffy sadle made from lions main. It's so beautiful.

"Hey Max, can i get that sadle please." I say, pointing to it. "That and a set of coloured pigments. Thanks."  He gives me what i want but doesn't say anything, which isn't normal. I'm sure he'll be ok.

I begin to walk back up to the stables when a man sneaks up from behind and grabs me!

The End

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