The Riding Begins

Finally!!! Today is the day i get my very own dragon! I've been dreaming for this moment my whole life.

I'm outside the stables, waiting for the dragon master. I'm with Max and Chloe, both with there dragons, Snowdrop and GoldenEmber. GoldenEmber is named after his breed since Max doesn't have a very good imagenation. The GoldenEmber is only found here.  His body is red all over apart from the band of gold along the ridges of his eyes and underneath his neck.

"There he is" says Chloe, pointing to a close-by stall. She's right, there he is gripping the rigns which are attached to the dragon that came in two days ago.

"Here you go, Rani. Your very own dragon." He says, smiling down at me.

"But sir.." I try to say but he already nows what i was about to say, so he hands over the rigns, smiles again then returns to his office.

I want to jump for joy but i'm too shocked to do anything but stare. Stare at MY dragon, no one elses. I giggle a bit then dive to hug my new companiens neck.

Later, the three of us and our dragons walk over to the training course. "So Rani," Says max "What are you going to call your dragon??" Ecer since i first saw a dragon i've been thinking about good names. Paperback?? No! Thats a terrible name, anyway papers white and my dragon is jet black. 

"I think i'll call him..... Darkfire. Yes, thats his name. Darkfire."

Just as I finish we've arrived at the course. First we go to the supply shack to get our flying gear. Max and Chloe have there own but I've only ever used Chloe's stuff so i get a beginner pack to use, then i get darkfire saddled up.

Awsome, some flying action!!!! I'm on Darkfire and readin to go, but our grumpy flying instructor, Miss Cantor is complaining again. Never the less, soon we're ready to fly.

Chloe once explained to me how to fly a dragon. It's simple, you imagine you on your dragon flying in a certain way. But the difficult thing is if your dragon doesn't trust you, it wont obey your orders and you'll be thrown off.

I close my eyes and imagine me and darkfire hovering in the sky, then darkfire flaps his wings and sends us zooming forwards. Woohoo!!!!!!! It's working, he likes me!!! I open my eyes and see Max and GoldenEmber hovering beside me. Max is holding out a small sack.

"It's the money i owe you from the bet." I reach over and take the sack from him. I open it to take a quick look. I see 20 silver coins shimmering in the sunlight. When Max made the bet, 20 silver coin was propbably all the money he owned. But now he has a stall on the market selling dragon grooming kits and accesories. I want to go down to the market one day but i'm always busy. During the week i've got work and on the weekends I'm normaly helping a friend get reading for a rider compotion.

One day it'll be me who's the champion. One day.......

The End

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