In the Dragon masters Study

It's an hour later and finaly i arrive at the dragon master's study. I knock on the giant ashwood door and wait for a reply. The master comes to the door, lets me in and tells me to have a seat.

"So Rani, iheard you were learning to ride, how's that going?" He says. The dragon master is a fairly young man, only about twenty three summers old. He has short black hair and sky blue eyes. He has the softest voice i've ever heard.

"Sir, i can explain!!" I say urgently. "No no, it's ok.Your not in trouble, but if you wanted to ride you should have asked.Do you want to ride?"

"I'm sorry sir. But yes, i would. I would love to ride." I say merrily.

 "Great, i'll pick out a dragon and you'll start tomorrow." We both smile and i thank him so many times that i run out of breath.

The End

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