The Legend of The Darkness

Rani is a young dragon rider wo is looking for her perfectly match dragon. The legendery dragon of the darkness is captured and takes a liking to Rani. She secretly creates the bond so that her dragon will rider with no other rider.
But trouble is brewing when the dragon hunters hear about Rani's new dragon. They plan to capture the dragon and take the scales to make thamselfs rich.
What will happen?If you want a say comment, and if i like your idea, you can write it here. Enjoy dragon rid

I've heard the legend but i didn't think it was real. The legend of the darkness. Darkness is a dragon with jet black scales and amber eyes. It's said that there are only ten left in the world, as one dies another one is born. No one has ever seen one probarly but people have claimed they've seen one. Legend tells that they only fly on moonless nights so thay remain hidden.

 I'm Rani and i live in the Togan dragon stables. I'm just some loser who scoops up all the dragon poops, but i'm not. i'm secertly learning to ride dragons. The only one who knows is my best friend,Chloe because i'm using her dragon.She's called snowdrop. Snowdrop is an Icewing, there not very common in this area but there are thousands of them of them in the mountains. I'm making quite a lot of progess but Snowdrop doesn't like me. I'm sure i'll improve.

It's early afternoon and i've just finished my chours. I'm heading over through the satbles and i see Max and some other stable workers coming into the stables bringing in a new dragon. It's nothing special, a new dragon comes in everyday so i walk on. As i pass, the dragon nudges me, trying to get my attention. i look up and see amber eyes staring down at me. I gasp. "The Darkness!" I mutter, but Max hears me. "Yes Rani, it's the dragon that oly you belived was real. Well done for having an imgination." Max says surrcasticly. "Don't forget that bet, you owe me 20 silver coins." I laugh. "Does he have a rider?" "Of-course he doesn't!!"Max says, expecting that i would already know. I sigh and walk back to my room, still tryin to get my head around what jus happend.

The End

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