The legend of Super Stardust

This is the epic adventure of a young boy who is defending his planet from asteroids and aliens in his tiny lone starship!

The year was 2451. The galaxy of Fortunia is in peace, and as such, the lush and beautiful planet of Lave stands tall and proud as the most developped planet for light years. Its technology was cutting edge, its cities are the cleanest in the universe, and its land is even more beautiful than the planet that colonized it, Earth. Lave is always by other galaxies for its outstanding environment, and its outstanding people. Amongst these outstanding people, there is a boy. He goes by the name Anthony Lucien, and today is a very special day for him. Not only is it his sixteenth birthday, but it is also the day he learns how to fly a starship. 

"Anthony! Breakfast!" His mother calls from downstairs. Anthony rubs his eyes for a moment and then has his handss make their way to the blanket. As he touches the blanket, he moves his fingers up and down the crease until he finds the tag, and pullsit out. His blanket then shoots off his body and onto the wall, where it folds itself neatly onto his dresser.

His mattress then lifts onto it's front legs, and as it approaches a sixty degree angle, Anthony slides to the floor and lands his feet into his slippers. The slippers recognize the movement, and slide Anthony across his floor and out of his room, as if he was on a treadmill. He is then brought into the bathroom, where the sink instantly fills a jug with cold water, and the jug is pulled out of the sink and pours the water all over Anthony's head. 

"Hair, dry." Anthony commands, and just as the word "dry" leaves his lips, the wall above him converts into a heater and blows hot air onto his head, giving him a striahgt, flat hairdo that just barely covers his eyes. He brushes the hair away, and then presses a button on the sink, which removes the floor he stood on and drops him into his chair. "Morning mom." He yawns.

"Good morning birthday boy. How are you feeling today?"

"Tired. I couldn't sleep last night, I was too excited." As Anthony finishes his sentence, his mother places a plate of bacon and eggs with a piece of toast in front of him. Anthony sees the plate, widens his eyes, and quickly demolishes his meal.

"Well you better wake up pretty quick, your father's coming to pick you up any minute."

"I know mom. Don't worry, I'm ready for my test, driving is a breeze."

"You say that now, but let's not forget when I let you try driving my space cruiser, and you almost drove it into the lake."

"That was different! I panicked, and I thought that the lake was a highway! That was... directly down." Anthony smiles widely, his mother rolls her eyes at him. "Look, it'll be fine, dad taught me a lot."

"Anthony, you have no idea how mjuch that worries me." Just then, the door swings open. Anthony's father runs up to Anthony and starts shaking him.

"Hey there birthday boy! You ready to take your flying test?"

"Ready as I'll ever be dad"

"That's my boy! Honey, I'm taking him now, we'll be home shortly!" As Anthony as his father walk out the door, his mother reminds them to be careful. "You have nothing to worry about kid, a few turns and a backflip, and you'll be flying one of these babies yourself!" His father motions the cosmo liner that they are currently sitting in. It is one of the fastest vehicle in existence, and Anthony's father tests that fact often.

"Sweet! What are you waiting for? Let's go!" Anthony's father floors the starter pedal and they zoom down the avenue, spending only thirty seconds in the air before they reach the testing centre, eight kilometers away.

"All right, we're here." His father turns off the liner. "C'mon Anthony, we've got no time to waste! Let's go!" 

The End

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