As I watched him fly away I smiled.

'Finally.' I thought as I tended to my wounds. 

I used my spirit energy to supress the bleeding. Then my clothes were torn off to clean and bandage the wounds.  I was tought to have my spirit aura take most of the damage, so my body wouldn't be beyond repair. Mostly it was just the walking part I had trouble with.  However, along the way I found a cactus.  I was able to use the needles to stitch up my wounds and use the insides to drink water and keep me hydrated.  Still, if I didn't find proper care in a hospital I would be a corpse in the woods. 

I followed the road as far as I could, praying that it's hazy path would lead my to my health. I started fading in and out of conciousness.  As I was about to pass out for good I looked up and saw out in the distance a small hooded figure. Happy to finally see someone I collapsed, and left my saftey into the traveler's hands.

I woke up in a small dusty room. The cold brick walls were covered in moss.  I across from me was a black wooden door that was slightly ajar. I got up and walked toward it and peered outside. At once a blade was placed directly under my neck. I grabbed the knife with my hand then flung my head back. It hit nothing. I turned around to look at my assailant and found no one standing were the knife was. I turned back around into the face of a wrinkled old man. His crackeled smile wasn't conforting in the least. I noticed the blood soaked knife in his right hand.  Angry that he would try to kill me I shot of a volley of dark energy.  Instead of hitting him it seemed to fall directly in front of his feet, harmlessly exploding of the stone-slabbed floor.

"Who are you!?" I practically shouted.

"My, name? Well it would be awfully impolite to ask of someone's name when you yourself haven't given me a proper introduction." He stated in a calm british tone. 

Strange, he didn't seem the least bit bothered that black exploding beams of light shot out of my hands and almost hit him.  In fact, he didn't seemed bothered that he had just attacked me and almost killed me.

"I don't give my name to people who try to kill me!" I growled at him.

"Is that anyway to treat a man who has just healed your wounds?" he asked again in a calm tone.

I looked down and the only things that remained of my wounds were just scars.

"How'd you do that?" I demanded, "TELL ME!" I shouted. I felt a chill go down the center of my back. I then realized the emotion that I hadn't felt since I killed my dad.  Fear. I didn't know why, but this man scared the hell out of me. I noticed that he could tell I was afraid.  Which was probably why he was acting so calm.... to calm me down.

"I... I'm sorry...." I nervously stated, "I didn't mean to yell..."

Now I was apologizing to him? What was going on? I got the chills just by looking at his wrinkled face. I quickly broke eye contact.

"My name is Sosika. I thank you for saving me."

"Well isn't that a big improvment!" He seemed excited at the prospect of my manners, " Now, my name is Hal. It is a pleasure to meet you Sosika."

He turned his back and started to walk away. My fear overcame my common sense. I pounced and transformed into my "demon" form. I jumped from wall to wall. I lifted my arm about to strike and I approached his back. At once I felt a tremendous amount of pressure applied to my attacking arm. In an instant I was on my chest, both of my arms pinned behind my back and my face pinned into the ground.

"My my aren't we the jumpy one." he laughed as he twisted my arm. "It seems I'm going to have alot of trouble on my hands."

"Why is that?" I spat.

Hal grinned.

" Training."

The End

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