I stared upon my adversary as he stared upon me.  He seemed alot bigger, and by the looks of it alot stronger. I went to draw my blade and he suddenly pushed of the ground and flung himself at me. I instantly took aim and swung my blade swiftly into his left shoulder.

'Fool, charging right into my blade.' I thought.

I looked down. Instead of finding blood running down my blade I saw a spider-like arm protruding from the monster's right shoulder blocking my blade for his left. My surprise didn't last long as another leg shot out from his left shoulder and was swung towards me... jumped back in a forced retreat.

The man lifted off the ground and flew into the air. I quickly devised a strategy.  He dove towards the ground at a remarkable rate. I conjured up a dome to protect me. The monster seeing this, shot green jets of light towards the dime now protecting me from certain death. His green jets or "grass rays." exploded on impact of the black dome. filling the area with smoke. The lizard used that as cover and shot his shoulder arms directly towards the sheild. Spirit energy, is no match for a person controling spiritual energy of their own. My sheild crumbled abruptly, sending shards of dark energy everywhere.  After getting pierced in hundreds of spots over his body, the monster smiled and waited to see the dead face of his prey.

When the smoke cleared. The monster found a huge block of wood cuffing the ends of his spider legs together. He was instanly was enraged. He crumbled the wood into tiny pieces. I silently shot out from the smoke surrounding the flying lizard and shot off four huge energy blasts about the size of basketballs from my palm. Each one struck my opponent with perfect accuracy... then just exploded off of his scaley skin. leaving only steam behind.

The man turned and look at me. At once shards of wood were flying towards me. I was caught off guard and was penetrated by thousands of tiny wooden planks. Bleeding profusley, I stared up from the dusty desert floor and uttered three simple words.

"Who are you?"

At once vines came out of nowhere and wrapped me within their tangles.  The man signaled his hand up and the vines obeyed and hoisted me up to his eye level.

"I am Mike Horowitz, but you can call me Vice."

He then flew away leaving the vines to hold me and my blood to run down the ends of my grassy coffin.

The End

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