The PlanMature

I was paid by a source that under no circumstances is to be discovered. My employers kept to themselves, I never found out who they were. I still have no idea who I worked for. They just sent me a letter written in red ink, with the name of the target, the address, and any other information I may need is attached.  After the job is done I suddenly have money in my bank account. Just like that.

My cover is that I don't exist. It was easier for them to make me a ghost seeing as the only people that know about me are dead or safely locked in a secret village. I call the agency I work for Oujou, the japanese word for death. Thats what they deal, and that's what they deliver.

I had recently got a mission to assassinate a Japanese commander named: Katsu Mai.  I looked at the address. It said he was Winsen, North Korea, in a small abandoned warehouse. I laughed when I read the next page. It was an explaination of what he was doing. The jist of it was that he was put in command of a bunker which was undergoing EXPERIMENTAL ANIMAL/HUMAN CROSSBREEDING PROCUDURES. I laughed when I read that.  I understand now why they sent me for the job. I got my gear and rested for tomorrow was I set off for North Korea.

The next day I arrived at the Japanese docks and waited. I looked around until i saw something glinting about 300 ft away. I silently walked toward it. It was another red ink letter. It just said blue and white. I looked around and got on a blue motorboat, and hid in a white hollowed out refridgerator. after about five minutes the boat started and I was heading for Winsen.

When the motor stopped I waited and listened for the boatsmen to leave. Then I got out of the fridge and was off.  I started walking toward the road when I found I letter with keys in it and a motorcycle waiting for me. I got on the bike and drove towards the base.

When I arrived there I knocked straight on the front door. The acting had begun.

"HELP!" I called out and started pounding on the gate. "I need help!"

Two guards came to the door and saw scratch marks all over my face.

"What did this to you?" one guard asked.

"Me!" I replied.


"With these, get them off!"

The guards looked at my hands and saw they were black and furry with claws protruding from the gloves.

"Send him in!" the guard yelled and I was shown inside.

What happened next was completely up to the communication to Oujuo on my part. In the blank letter that was given to me on the bike I wrote Cover: Steve Carwell, American Soldier.  What this meant was that I wanted to get an assumed name under the American Military. My plan then unfolded by itself.

I was kept in the Winsen Military base for 3 weeks while they ran vigourous test on me. The Americans got a distress signal that a American soldier was being held captive by the Japanese.  The American sent up an extraction team to save me. I was supposed to be lead out of Winsen by Marines and make it look like Katsu Mai was just caught in the cross-fire of my extraction. 

However Japanese Intelligence got lucky and were able to catch the authorization code for an Marine Squadron to invade Winsen military base. The Marines were ambushed and slaughtered. Luckily while the Japanese were preoccupied the Marines, I was able to sneak out and kill Katsu. 

I found him overseeing a crossbreeding project. I snuck up and was able to excrete some dark energy through his ankle and into his bood stream. I watched as he scratched his ankle not knowing that death was about to overcome him in about two minutes.  as I was leaving to my escape route, (when in your in a place for three weeks it's pretty easy to find a quick and quiet escape route.) I looked upon something curious... Impossible even.

I peered inside a chamber where I saw a man... sort of. He was in a big glass tube. His face had a beak on it and he had wings folded behind his back. Instead of feathers he seemed to have scales. His feet and arms had  huge black claws sticking out. I big giant hawk-lizard thing.

I didn't have anymore time to investigate I knew the Dark energy would explode in Katsu's heart any minute now. I rushed to out of the building and grabbed my bike and drove away.

I took no time for me to cut through the chain gate and make a door through the outer wall surrounding the Base. I drove through the hole and welded it back together using a type of spirit beam. As I was driving away an explosion rocked the area surrounding me as the building I was just in was made into a pile of big rocks. I looked back and saw the Japanese guards that were fighting the Marines were now against something bigger. It was the same man I saw before in the tube!

He was flying above the soldiers. Shooting out. Green energy? He had a green spirit? Yes I was sure of it he was able to control nature! I cycled away he wasn't my target. whoever this man was. He was trained and dangerous I didn't want to get involved...

I looked into my side view mirror and saw the man coming straight at me. I jumped off the bike and grabbed my katana. He swooped perfectly. If I were still on the bike he would've scooped my head clean off. I touched ground and skidded to a halt. I felt a familair jolt as I traded my human form for my panther one. The showdown had begun.

The End

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