Who Am I?Mature

My name is Sosika... and if your reading this it means my "prophecy" you could call it, has been forfilled and I am dead. I knew that man's name was Martin because of Japanese Intelligence.  I'm not part of the Japanese Army. In fact, let me start from the beginning.

I was born in a secret little town called Santo.  I say it's secret because no human that goes there can ever leave... like my mom.

My mom's name was Hisshino, she was running away from her violent father and stubbled upon the village.  Now she noticed it wasn't a normal village right away... mainly the panthers standing upright guarding the front gates.

You see I am a Panther Demon. I don't know why they call us that. We aren't at all demons... just have thumbs and walk on two legs. We aren't supposed to be able to breed with humans, but I guess i was the exception.

 My father took Hisshino against her own will to his house. He had a chain put on her leg, and she wasn't allowed to leave the place. One day after Hisshino was done with morning chores, my "Father" had a brilliant idea.  He forced himself on my mother.  I wasn't supposed to be born. Usually the "Demon" cells engulf the human cells the baby doesn't even have a chance to be born.  With me it's different. Instead of the "demon" cells engulfing the human cells, the human cells fought back and there was always a constant struggle.

When my father realized that he inpregnated Hisshino, he tried vigoriously to get an abortion. He didn't want to kill Hisshino. Instead, he put her through painfull methods of extraction until he finally gave up and I was born. My father named me Sosika, his reasoning was that I was in human form but he didn't want his friends to think I was human or demon. He kept my around because Hisshino threatened killing herself if I died.  She raised me until I was strong enough to lift thirty pounds. Then my father took over. He started to make me work the fields while Mom cleaned the house. My father also put me in a spirit focusing class. This allowed me to learn the ablility to command either Fire, Water, Nature, Light, Darkness, Lightining, Earth, or Psychic energy.... Mine was assumed to be Darkness. 

At the age of 9. I came home from picking plants. I saw Mom, screaming and cringing in a corner and my dad's claws swiping at her stomach.

Apparently I wasn't the first or last kid he tried to get rid of.

 All of the sudden, Hisshino's screaming stopped and my father muttered something about having a curse that made it possible to get human pregnant. He turned his head and saw me standing in the doorway.

"What are you looking at?" He barked at me. "Did you pick the Komatsuna like you were supposed to?"

I couldn't control myself at that point. I felt a jolting sensation as my body grew jet black hair, my eyes changed from yellow to blood red.  I grew a snout, and two ears, my back produced three tails. I had never been in panther form before. My Father laughed at me and shot his claws out. My mother's blood was dripping off the edge of them. My Mother's Blood! I felt rage engulf every inch of my body as claws shot out from the end of my fingers.

"MOM!" I screamed as I charged at my father.

He laughed and made a flicking motion. He produced a fire projectile about the size of a peanut.  It was small, very hot, and very dangerous. It peirced my left shoulder but still I continued my charge seemily unscathed. My dad panicked and started to create fireballs and threw them at me. I got hit in the stomach with one and it felt like a baseball burning straight through my abdomen. I finally stopped charging. Something inside of me was stirring. My father's laugh went straight through my eardrums and fell on my heart. I was overcome by my own spirit power. Dark energy seeped from the end of my claws. I felt my power growing. I couldn't control my anger anymore! I made a slashing motion and four blade-like, black objects shot  out through the air between my father and I. They grew exponetionally as they sailed toward my dad. Halfway to him I heard a ripping sound as they cut the roof open. father looked up, just in time to see four dark claws spilt him open and then disappear into his body. 

He stumbled, surprised that something that strong came out of a Half-Demon. He looked at me as he felt his wounds. His yellow eyes standing wide open stared straight into my glowing red ones.

At once the dark engery hiding inside his body shot out like a grenade and disappeared into the air. His bloody, deformed, dead, body fell onto Mom's. That's all I remember that day.

I woke up a week later on a passerby's wagon. I never knew his name, although I knew alot about him. He taught me how to fear nothing. He taught me how to fight with honor.  He taught me how to tame my panther form and how to bring it out at will. He showed me how to use a katana.

 At age 25 I was thrown out to the world not as a human not as a demon, but both. Not a samurai or a ninja, but a warrior.  This man trained me to kill quietly and never be seen. He taught me to focus my senses so that I could always tell were I was, and how to defeat my enemy. He taught me to always strike first and use my spirit powers to the best of my ability.

He taught me how to be an assassin. 

But that doesn't explain why am I here. In a Japanese compound, having American soldiers coming after me.  I always like telling a good story.

The End

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