The Legend of SosikaMature

This story goes through the life of Sosika Urimaki. A Demon, well thats what they say. He shows his courage and his "unique." gifts. Oh and did I mention he has three tails and his half panther half man?

"Their trying to break through!" Martin heard his Commanding officer yell over the heavy gunfire.

"Damn Japanese..." He mutterd underneath his breath.

It was supposed to be a simple extraction mission. Get the target located inside and get out.  They saw us coming and Martin and my Staff Sergeant were pinned down.

"Their charging!" The Sergeat yelled as he threw his last grenade over the barrels they were hiding behind.

The grenade went off and there was screaming. The Staff Sergeant stood up and started spraying the area with bullets. Almost instantly Martin felt Sergeants blood spray back on his face and the now lifeless body drop straight into his lap. A bullet peirced through the top of the Sergeants left eye. Shaking, Martin threw his gun out so the Japanese could see... then came out with his hands above his head.

Through the smoke came fifteen men. They had guns He'd never seen before. They kicked him into a kneeling position then put a gun to the back of his head. He cringed as they pulled the trigger... 

How do I know this? I'm very observant.  Who Am I?

....Well isn't that a good question.

The End

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