A New Reality

Before me lay a field of daisies nodding their friendly heads in the breeze and far in the distance stood a man.  A man so familiar and yet I knew I did not know him.  Slowly he walked my way.  I tried to open my door and go back to bed for surely I must be sleepwalking, but the door wouldn't budge.  Glancing over my shoulder I see the man nearing the foot of the stairs.  His long blond hair hung around his shoulders with whisps of it lifting into the breeze.  It shone brightly in the sunshine and a radiant smile lit his face. 

"Welcome back Charley," he murmered in the sexiest voice I had ever heard.  "I take it that Minty is gone?"  His question was asked in a way that didn't need a reply for I could see on his face that he already knew the answer.  In his hands lay a halo of daisies.  "I made this for you.  I knew you would come."

"Who are you?" I asked as I gazed into his beautiful face.  I already seemed to know every detail, but still I couldn't tear my eyes away from his.

Silently he lifted the halo of daisies over my head and placed them ever so gently into my hair.

"Come my beloved, I have much to show you."  He reached out his strong hand and took mine in his.  A shiver ran through my body and I felt different.  I looked down at myself and saw that I no longer wore my night clothes, but a beautiful flowing dress of mint green. 

"How......?"  My sentence died on my lips as I looked back into his eyes.  I knew this man.  Somehow I knew him.  My heart fluttered in my chest and at that moment I knew I had come home.

The End

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