The EliteMature

The building was extremley modern Most of the facade was glass and the rest white brick. I hesitated as I stood across the street. What did Paul mean by audition was I expected to do some sort of test? And what if I failed? I took a deep breath and stalked across the empty road.

The doors opened automatically and a rush of warm air pounded me in the face as I walked through. A woman sat at the front desk, she looked like she was in her early sixties. Her grey hair was up in curls and she wore large green earings. She read a tv guide and as soon as I approached she pointed through another door.

"Mr Wood is expecting you." I thanked the rather rude woman and carried on through the door indicated. It led into a large gymnasium. The floor was all padded and springy. A glass door at the other end led into a gymnasium with what looked like gym equitment but a lot more futuristic. A group of teenagers were spread out in pairs across the hall, doing what looked like karate but I am no expert on martial arts. 

The coach, a woman in her late twenties notices me as the door shuts behind me.

"Paul said you'd be coming." she says. "Okay, circle!" and with that the teenagers moved in unison so that they were stood in a ring. The coach smiles at my confusion.

"Time for your iniciation." She says. "Tank!" A lage boy much taller than me steps into the center of the ring. His muscle bulge under a thermal vest.

"Nothing personal kid." he sneers. He has the same sneer as the boy all those years ago at the park, the ones whos power now reside in me. The thought of the boy raises anger deep within me. And along with that the hunger reaches out through my skin. I know that of the boy touches me he'll die painfully.

The boy charges intent on crushing me. I hold up my hand his body rising off the floor.  I slam my hand down and Tank crashes into the ground his body boucing back up into the air, just high enough for me to wave my hand and his body is flung across the room. The ring dissaperates and I jog forward as Tank rises to his feet his face flushed red with anger.

Another bull like charge and once again the boy is thundering towards me. I dive to the side and roll my hand stuck out as ice leaps from my fingers and encase one of his legs. He ignores it and changes direction the ice shattering into sparkling splinters that shower around me.

I push out with my hands and he slows to a halt. He growls at me.

"Coward!" He yells. This aggrevates me and I let the barrier fall. He comes thundering towards me. The hunger seems satisfied by this as my skin crackles with pleasure.

"Enough!" The voice booms and Tank stops instantly. Paul stands Kate at his side in the doorway.

"Charlotte," he indicates the instructor. "Why did you put him with Tank I said someone less...violent." he finds the right word. "John, you're in now go get changed." He throws me a pair of Elite training gear and I blush with pride.

The End

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