School was diffrent, for one people were actually talking to me and secondly there was an announcment on assembly and people clapped. No one seemed afraid of me anymore.

I stood in the November cold in front of the canteen. When I finally got in the food smelt to appetising for its own good. I grabbed a tray and went to sit at my usual spot as far away from other people as possible.

"John!" I look around to see Kate standing from her chair and waving frantically. I hesitate before walking towards her. She smiles as people on her table move to make a place for me.

"Y'alrite mate." A boy named Josh nods at me, his arm noticably around Kates shoulder. Ash sits opposite me, he struggles to not make eye contact. I begin to eat as the teens around me carry on with their conversation.


As I leave the school I catch a glimpse of the black mercedes I travelled in yesterday. Kates father leans casually against the car. He sees me and waves his hand slightly. I take a breath and walk over.

"Sir," I nod.

"Don't call me Sir it makes me feel old," he winks at me. " call me Paul." I nod again to acknowledge his request.

"What can I do for you?" I ask.

"I don't know if you heard but I am in charge of this countys Elite Unit and after last night I was wondering if you'd want to try out... so to speak." I took a surprised step back. The Elite the most powerful part of the Goverment the army of police of superhumans, and they wanted me to join. I felt like a little kid told he can play with the big boys.

"That would be... awsome." I said. He smiled and held out a card.

"Eight o'clock don't be late, and don't let me down." He climbed into the car as Kate ran up and climbed into the passenger seat. She smiled at me as the car purred away.

The End

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