No Other WayMature

The police stop interviewing me and let me leave the station at quarter past three. I'm tired and have no way home as I step out into the morning air. A black Mercedes waits idly in a parking space in front of the station. The tinted front window scrolls down and the girl I saved smiles at me. From the interviews I learnt her name was Kate.

"Do you need a ride?" she asks. I think about the long lonely walk home.

"That would be great thanks." I smile as I hear the back door unlock automatically. I climb into the car and look at the driver. It's a man I assume Kates father. His hair is greying but you can still make out the dark brown that him and his daughter share. He looked back at me and smiled.

"Thanks for helping her out." He says.

"Don't worry about it." I mutter.

He pulls away from the station. The Mercedes silently crosses the speed limit as we thunder down the road.

"So where do you live John?" He asks aas we turn the corner off the one way street.

"Not far," I tell him my address and he speeds up even more. I sit silently in the backseat unsure what to say.

We arrive outside my street about ten minutes later and I climb out of the car.

"Thanks for the lift." I smile.

"No, thank you," he replies " are you sure you're going to be warm enough its freezing out there."

"I don't really feel it." I say as Kate waves to me. The car pulls away and I walk up my street. I look down at my hand and clench my fist concentrating hard. A thin layer of frost appears over my hand. I feel guilt for the mans life but there was no other way.

The End

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