The city centre was busy at night, the streets a buzz with the drunk teens that managed to fake their way into clubs. Teens from my school staggered past me giving me a wide berth. My hood was pulled up high low over my brow my head down as I stalked towards the bus stop. One delivery and then I could go home... My boss was a lying basard. He'd kept me for almost three hours longer than he promised, and now I had to deal with the stares from my class mates that feared me.

I stood at the bus stop as it began to rain. I cursed under my breath and pulled the strings of my hoody tighter. Less people were passing now, just some stragglers who'd got parted from the group in the last club. A girl from my year was walking down the street. She hid from the rain under the bus shelter. She stood close to me shivering in a small top and jeans. I glanced at her and she tried her best not to make eye contact. She sneezed then and even though she would probably never do the same for me I pulled my hoody from my torso and held it out to her. She looked at it like it was a bomb for a second but a strong wind blew under the shelter and she took it gratefully.

"Thanks." she said meekly. I forced a grim smile. She moved a little closer then. She turned to me to say something when her phone rang. She pulled it out and answered it.

"Hello....hey babe....where?....I'll be there in a minute." she pulled the hoody off and handed it back again. "Thanks again." she smiled at me then and it shocked me that it was a genuine smile not a forced curtosy smile but a genuine smile. I smiled back then for the first time in a long time I smiled propally.

She then began to walk quickly down the street, I turned back to stare at the road. She had been gone less than a minute when a scream exploded in my ears. I turned in the direction and ran into the rain towards the origin of the scream. It was an alley, a dark alley, aominous and dark. I glanced down the alley, two men, one held the girl while the other searched her pocketsbeing a bit to thorough if you ask me. I ran down the alley summoning telekinetic forced that I shoved in the direction of the man searching her pockets.

It hit him in the side and he was slung ti the back of the alley where he crashed into the wall the brick crumbling under the impact. The other man turned then his arm around the girls neck, in the other hand he held an icicle that appeared to be connected to his wrist. He pushed the blade like icicle to her throat.

The End

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